2023 USWDGC Recap: Kristin Tattar Takes the Throne

by Joanne Miller

Kristin Tattar made history in the world of disc golf by completing the single-season Grand Slam, winning all four major events in 2023. Not only did she secure her fifth consecutive major championship, but she also became the first FPO player ever to achieve this incredible feat. This victory in the 2023 United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship at Cedarock Park near Burlington, North Carolina, was a testament to Tattar’s skill and determination.

Throughout the tournament, Tattar faced formidable opponents who kept the pressure on her. Ohn Scoggins proved to be her main challenger during the closing stages of the competition. Scoggins shot a course record for the new Regulator layout with an impressive eight-under-par 61. Despite Scoggins’ strong performance, a misstep on hole 16 cost her the chance to catch up to Tattar. Tattar took advantage of the situation and secured a comfortable lead with two holes remaining.

With a tap-in on hole 17, Tattar sealed her victory and completed the Grand Slam. Reflecting on her accomplishment, she expressed her disbelief at achieving her goal of winning all the majors in 2023. Tattar acknowledged the stiff competition she faced and credited her victory to her ability to stay focused and give her all on the course.

Tattar’s road to victory was not an easy one. At the start of the tournament, she struggled with her form, shooting three over par in the first four holes. However, she managed to turn things around with a remarkable uphill putt on hole 7. From there, Tattar went on a birdie spree, climbing back up the leaderboard and eventually finding herself in contention for the title.

The Regulator layout, specifically designed for the tournament, received praise for its challenging nature. The course tested the skills of the FPO field while ensuring no individual player’s strengths completely dominated the competition. The course designers aimed to create a balanced and fair playing field, keeping the players on their toes throughout the tournament.

The tournament had its share of treacherous holes that could make or break a player’s round. One such hole was hole 3 on the Regulator course. Hitting an early tree on this hole could spell disaster, requiring difficult recovery shots to have any chance of making the green. In round two, multiple players, including Holly Finley and Hailey King, fell victim to this hole, significantly affecting their standings in the tournament.

Round three of the competition presented its own challenges as players battled constant rain and slippery conditions. Tattar and Henna Blomroos emerged as the frontrunners, engaging in an intense battle. Blomroos initially built a solid lead over Tattar, but Tattar slowly closed the gap with a birdie on hole 16. The stage was set for an exciting championship Sunday with only a two-stroke difference between the two European players.

However, the final hole of round three proved to be a turning point that shook everyone’s nerves. Blomroos experienced a series of unfortunate events on hole 18, hitting trees and struggling to navigate the crucial gaps. This turn of events allowed Tattar to narrow the gap even further, setting up an exhilarating finale for the tournament.

In the end, Tattar’s consistent performance and unwavering determination secured her victory and the completion of the Grand Slam. Her achievement is a testament to her skill, mental resilience, and ability to thrive under pressure. Tattar’s success in the 2023 United States Women’s Disc Golf Championship will be remembered as a historic moment in the sport.

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