A Do Over in Golf Crossword Clue

by Emily Walsh
A do-over in golf - Clue for a mulligan in crossword puzzle

Are you a golf enthusiast who also enjoys solving crossword puzzles? If so, you may have encountered the challenge of cracking the code on golf-themed crossword puzzles. In this article, we will explore the world of golf-themed crossword puzzles and the popularity of solving them, as well as providing tips and strategies for solving them.

Golf-themed crossword puzzles have gained popularity among both avid golfers and puzzle enthusiasts. These puzzles often incorporate terminology, famous players, and key aspects of the sport, making them an entertaining and challenging activity for those who love golf. As you delve into the world of golf crossword puzzles, you may encounter specific clues related to the game, such as “a do over in golf,” which we will explore in detail in this article.

Solving golf-themed crossword puzzles can be a rewarding experience, but it may require some insight and knowledge about the game. In the following sections, we will provide tips and strategies for deciphering these puzzles, including common clues and solutions that are frequently used.

Additionally, we will discuss specific examples of a do over in golf crossword clues and how they are presented in these puzzles. So if you’re ready to enhance your golf knowledge while challenging your puzzle-solving skills, read on to discover more about this intriguing pastime.

How to Solve Golf Crossword Puzzles

For those who are both passionate about golf and enjoy solving crossword puzzles, the combination of these two interests can be a delightful way to pass the time. Golf-themed crossword puzzles have gained popularity due to their ability to challenge and entertain enthusiasts of the sport.

Solving these puzzles requires a combination of knowledge about golf terminology and skill in deciphering tricky clues. Here are some tips and strategies for cracking the code of golf-themed crossword puzzles, including common clues and solutions.

One important aspect of solving golf crossword puzzles is having a good understanding of golf terminology. Familiarize yourself with terms such as “par,” “bogey,” “eagle,” “fairway,” “tee,” and other words commonly used in the world of golf. Knowing the terminology will help you recognize clues related to these terms and find the correct answers more easily.

Another helpful tip when tackling golf-themed crossword puzzles is to pay attention to common clues that frequently appear in these types of puzzles. For example, clues related to major golf tournaments such as The Masters, The Open Championship, or The PGA Championship often make an appearance. Additionally, names of famous golfers like Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, or Annika Sörenstam are popular clues that may come up regularly.

When faced with challenging clues in a golf-themed crossword puzzle, it’s important to approach them strategically. Look for wordplay and double meanings within the clue that could lead you to the correct answer. Sometimes, solving these types of puzzles involves thinking outside the box and considering different interpretations of the clue. Practice makes perfect when it comes to mastering the art of solving golf-themed crossword puzzles.

Tips for Solving Golf Crossword Puzzles Strategies for Cracking Clues
Learn common golf terminology Look for wordplay and double meanings
Prioritize major tournament names Consider different interpretations of clues
Familiarize yourself with famous golfer names Practice thinking outside the box

The Importance of a Do Over in Golf

Golf, often referred to as a “gentleman’s game,” is known for its strict adherence to rules and etiquette. One of the most unique aspects of golf is the concept of a “do over,” also known as a mulligan.

In casual play, golfers are sometimes allowed to take an extra stroke without counting it towards their score, typically used when a shot goes awry. This concept has made its way into the world of golf-themed crossword puzzles and has become a popular clue for enthusiasts to solve.

Defining the Mulligan

The term “mulligan” originated in Canada in the 1920s but has since become widely recognized in the golfing world. It is often used when a golfer makes an unsatisfactory shot and wishes to take another without penalty. While not permitted in official tournament play, mulligans are commonly accepted in friendly or social games, adding an element of forgiveness to the game.

Significance in Golf Crossword Puzzles

In golf crossword puzzles, the clue “a do over in golf” or “mulligan” may appear to challenge solvers with an understanding of golf terminology. It requires familiarity with not only the game itself but also with common phrases and expressions that are associated with it. Understanding the significance and usage of a mulligan on the course can be crucial for deciphering this particular crossword clue.

The Spirit of Sportsmanship

The concept of a do-over or mulligan speaks to the spirit of sportsmanship and fairness in golf. It allows players to acknowledge mistakes and take corrective action without carrying any negative consequences forward. In crossword puzzles, this clue serves as a reminder of this aspect of the game, emphasizing not just technical knowledge but also the values inherent in sports like golf.

Understanding Crossword Clues

When it comes to golf-themed crossword puzzles, understanding the different types of crossword clues is essential for cracking the code and solving the puzzle. Crossword clues can range from straightforward definitions to more cryptic wordplay, and each type plays a role in creating an engaging and challenging puzzle for golf enthusiasts to enjoy.

In relation to golf, these clues often incorporate terminology, famous courses, or iconic players within the sport, adding an extra layer of complexity for avid fans of the game.

One common type of crossword clue is the “fill-in-the-blank” clue, where a portion of the answer is provided in the puzzle, and solvers must complete the phrase or term. In golf-themed puzzles, this may involve completing the name of a famous golf course or finishing a well-known quote from a legendary golfer.

Additionally, “anagram” clues are another popular type that puzzle creators use to challenge solvers as they rearrange letters to form golf-related words or phrases.

In order to successfully navigate through golf crossword puzzles and understand how different types of crossword clues relate to the world of golf, solvers can benefit from familiarizing themselves with common terminology used in the sport. Having knowledge of golf-specific terms such as “bogey,” “birdie,” or “putter” can provide valuable insight when tackling thematic puzzles, as these words are often incorporated into crossword clues related to golf.

By honing their skills in both crossword solving and golf knowledge, enthusiasts can better appreciate and engage with the intricacies of golf-themed crossword puzzles while mastering related clues such as “a do over in golf”.

Crossword Clue Types Relation to Golf
Fill-in-the-blank Completing names of famous courses or golfer quotes
Anagram Rearranging letters to form golf-related words or phrases

A Do Over in Golf Crossword Clue

A do-over in golf, also known as a mulligan, is a term that refers to the practice of giving a player a second chance to perform a shot. In the context of golf-themed crossword puzzles, the concept of a do over in golf is often presented as a clue or solution.

Let’s take a closer look at specific examples of how this concept is portrayed in these puzzles and how it adds an additional layer of challenge and enjoyment for enthusiasts.

Examples of a Do Over in Golf Crossword Clue

In golf-themed crossword puzzles, clues related to mulligans or do overs may be presented in various ways. For instance, the clue might hint at synonyms such as “second chance” or “redo,” prompting solvers to think about the concept of getting another opportunity to make a shot. Additionally, the clue could be more direct and explicitly mention “mulligan” or “do over,” testing the solver’s knowledge of golf terminology.

Interpreting the Clue

When encountering a do over in golf crossword clue, it’s essential for solvers to interpret the clue carefully and consider its possible meanings within the context of both golf and crossword puzzles. Understanding the significance of a mulligan in golf and recognizing its representation in puzzle clues can greatly aid in solving these types of challenges.

The Challenge and Fun

Analyzing specific examples of a do over in golf crossword puzzles offers enthusiasts not only an opportunity to test their knowledge but also provides an enjoyable way to engage with both their passion for golf and their love for solving puzzles. It adds an extra layer of complexity to the crossword-solving experience, making it both challenging and rewarding for players who are up for the task.

Solving the Clue

When it comes to solving a do over in golf crossword clue, there are a few techniques that can be helpful in cracking the code. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or just a fan of the game, understanding how to approach and solve this type of clue can enhance your crossword puzzle solving skills. Here are some techniques for approaching and solving the a do over in golf crossword clue:

  • Consider the context: When attempting to solve a do over in golf crossword clue, think about the specific terminology used in the game of golf. Terms such as “mulligan” or “replay” might be included in the clue, so having a good knowledge of golf jargon can be advantageous.
  • Look for related clues: Sometimes, a do over in golf crossword clue may be accompanied by other clues that are thematically linked to the sport. Pay attention to any references to golf courses, equipment, or famous players as these may provide hints for solving the main clue.
  • Use cross-referencing: If there are intersecting clues related to golf on the crossword puzzle, try using those answers as hints for solving the do over in golf clue. Cross-referencing can provide valuable insights into how different words and terms connect within the puzzle.

Solving a do over in golf crossword clue requires not only knowledge of the game itself but also an understanding of how crossword puzzles work. By applying these techniques, you can improve your ability to crack even the trickiest of golf-themed clues.

Resources for Golf Enthusiasts

For avid golf enthusiasts who enjoy a mental challenge, golf-themed crossword puzzles can provide hours of entertainment. These types of puzzles have gained popularity in recent years, and there are many resources available for those who want to test their knowledge of the sport while exercising their brains. Whether you prefer to solve puzzles online or with pen and paper, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Here are some recommended websites and books that feature golf crossword puzzles:

  • GolfDigest.com: This website offers a variety of golf-themed puzzles, including crosswords, word searches, and more. They often feature clues related to famous golfers, iconic courses, and key terms in the sport.
  • “The Golfer’s Puzzle Book” by David Sladkey: This book is a great resource for golf enthusiasts looking for a challenge. It includes a mix of crossword puzzles, word scrambles, and other brain teasers all related to golf.
  • Golf-themed crossword puzzle apps: There are several mobile apps available for both iOS and Android devices that offer a wide range of crossword puzzles with a golf theme. Users can solve these puzzles on the go and even compete with friends for the fastest completion times.

When it comes to finding examples of the “a do over in golf” clue within these resources, solvers can expect to encounter this particular puzzle feature within many of the options recommended above. The concept of a “do over” in golf is a common occurrence on the course when players are allowed to retake their shot without penalty – an important element for any golfer familiar with the rules of the game.

In crossword puzzles, this clue may appear as “mulligan” or “redo,” challenging solvers to think about how this aspect of the game translates into word form.


In conclusion, golf-themed crossword puzzles are a fun and challenging way for golf enthusiasts to test their knowledge of the game while also exercising their brain. By providing tips and strategies for solving these puzzles, we hope to encourage readers to give them a try and see how satisfying it can be to crack the code of a golf crossword puzzle.

As we’ve discussed the importance of a do-over in golf and its significance in the game, it’s interesting to see how this concept is incorporated into crossword puzzles. Understanding different types of crossword clues and how they relate to the world of golf can provide solvers with valuable insights when tackling a golf-themed puzzle.

With the specific examples and techniques provided for approaching and solving the “a do over in golf” crossword clue, readers can feel more equipped to take on this challenge.

We encourage our readers to seek out websites and books that feature golf crossword puzzles, where they can find examples of the “a do over” clue. Embracing the challenge of solving this particular clue can lead to a greater appreciation for both golf and crossword puzzles. So why not give it a shot? Pick up a golf-themed crossword puzzle today and see if you can conquer the “a do over in golf” clue. Happy puzzling.

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