A drunk Dustin Johnson had Team USA in stitches at messy Ryder Cup press conference

by Joanne Miller

Dustin Johnson’s Phenomenal Performance and Hilarious Post-Ryder Cup Celebration

Dustin Johnson, the American golfer, had a Ryder Cup to remember in 2021. His outstanding performance on the course helped lead Team USA to a resounding victory over Team Europe, with a final scoreline of 19-9, the largest winning margin since 1967. However, it wasn’t just his skills on the golf course that made headlines; it was also his hilarious celebration after the event.

Johnson’s performance in the 2021 Ryder Cup was exceptional. He achieved a perfect 5-0 record, becoming only the fifth player in Ryder Cup history to accomplish this feat. His flawless performance was in stark contrast to his 2018 Ryder Cup campaign in Paris, where he struggled and only managed a 1-4 record. At that time, Johnson was the top-ranked player in the world, which made his underwhelming performance all the more disappointing.

At 37 years old, Johnson was the oldest player on the Team USA roster. However, age proved to be just a number for him, as he showcased his stamina and ability to compete at the highest level. His impeccable record caught the attention of a journalist during the post-match press conference, who jokingly asked Johnson if he still had the stamina to out-party his younger teammates that night. In a seemingly worse-for-wear state, Johnson replied, “Abso-lutely… Next question.”

His response triggered an eruption of laughter from his teammates, who found his reply entertaining. The journalist followed up by asking the rest of the team if they believed Johnson had the stamina to party as hard as they did. One of his teammates quickly defended Johnson, stating, “Yes, is that even a question?” Johnson then interjected, saying, “Next question, like I said,” which once again sent his teammates into fits of laughter.

The light-hearted banter and camaraderie amongst the Team USA members showcased the bonds built during the Ryder Cup. Johnson’s witty responses and his teammates’ reactions added an extra layer of joy to the celebrations. The video clip of the moment quickly went viral, delighting fans and highlighting the fun-loving spirit of the victorious American team.

Looking forward, Johnson’s career has undergone significant changes since the last Ryder Cup. He joined the controversial LIV Golf tour, which resulted in his exclusion from the 2023 Ryder Cup team selected by Captain Zach Johnson. The decision raised eyebrows among golf fans and pundits, as Johnson’s Ryder Cup record and experience could have been valuable assets for the American team.

Nevertheless, Johnson’s remarkable performance and amusing celebration in the 2021 Ryder Cup will be remembered for years to come. His perfect record and ability to have a good time with his teammates showcased the true essence of the Ryder Cup – a competition that combines fierce competition with moments of camaraderie and sportsmanship.

As golf fans eagerly await the next Ryder Cup, they can reminisce about Dustin Johnson’s unforgettable Ryder Cup campaign and the infectious joy he brought to the victorious American team.

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