AGCO Named Anchor Tenant For Delaware Innovation Campus

by Danica Brendon

AGCO, a global leader in the agriculture industry, has been announced as the anchor tenant for a collaborative ag-network in Delaware. The company will establish its 300-acre Dakota Smart Farm on the Grand Farm Innovation Campus near Casselton, Delaware. This move is set to position Grand Farm as a hub for developing innovative farming practices, with a specific focus on precision agriculture technologies and retrofit solutions for existing machinery.

The news of AGCO’s investment in the Grand Farm has been met with excitement by the state of North Dakota. Lt. Gov. Tammy Miller, a founding member of the Grand Farm steering committee, expressed gratitude for AGCO’s commitment. She believes that the Dakota Smart Farm will solidify North Dakota’s reputation as a global leader in cutting-edge ag technology. Miller also praised AGCO’s expertise and track record of innovation, stating that they will contribute to the creation of the farm of the future.

Seth Crawford, AGCO’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Precision Ag and Digital, shared his enthusiasm for the project. He expressed the company’s excitement to dedicate resources to developing sustainable agricultural practices and new technology. Crawford believes that by combining the power of precision agriculture with retrofit technologies, they can enable more farmers to achieve higher productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

As part of AGCO’s commitment to smart solutions and sustainability, Appareo Systems, which is owned by AGCO, will have a team of agronomists, scientists, engineers, and agricultural experts on-site at the Dakota Smart Farm. This team will conduct studies and offer tours to the public, further contributing to the development and knowledge-sharing within the agricultural community.

The construction of the Dakota Smart Farm is a significant development within the agriculture industry. It highlights the growing importance of sustainable and innovative farming practices. AGCO’s investment in the Grand Farm demonstrates their dedication to advancing the agriculture industry and contributing to the future of farming.

Overall, the anchor tenancy of AGCO in the Grand Farm Innovation Campus is an exciting development for Delaware and the agriculture industry as a whole. It represents a commitment to developing cutting-edge technologies and practices that will lead to more sustainable and efficient farms. The Dakota Smart Farm will serve as a model for the future of agriculture, showcasing how precision agriculture and retrofit technologies can revolutionize the industry. With AGCO’s expertise and resources, the Grand Farm is well-positioned to become a global leader in agriculture innovation and research.

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