Aggies Lose to No. 8 Delaware On a Rainy Day

by Danica Brendon

Title: North Carolina A&T Battles Hard but Falls Short against Delaware


On October 14, 2023, the North Carolina A&T Aggies faced off against the No. 8 ranked Delaware Blue Hens in an intense football match. Despite their best efforts, the Aggies were unable to overcome turnovers and missed opportunities, ultimately losing the game with a final score of 21-6. Although disappointment loomed over the team, Coach Vincent Brown praised the resilience and competitiveness demonstrated by the Aggies throughout the match.

Aggies’ Defense Shines

From the beginning, the North Carolina A&T defense put up an impressive performance, continuously stopping Delaware’s offense on third downs. By holding the Blue Hens to just two conversions out of eleven attempts, the Aggies’ defense displayed strength and determination. This outstanding defensive effort would be a silver lining for the Aggies despite the loss.

Missed Scoring Opportunities

Throughout the game, North Carolina A&T had several chances to put points on the board but struggled to capitalize on them. In the first quarter, the Aggies had a promising drive that took them into Delaware territory. Unfortunately, they had to settle for a 43-yard field goal by Owen Daffer, reducing Delaware’s lead to 7-3.

In the second quarter, a potential touchdown was denied when quarterback Kevin White lost his grip on the ball as he tried to stretch it beyond the pylon. The subsequent ruling of a touchback by the officials dashed the Aggies’ hopes for a scoring opportunity.

Despite showing promise on offense, North Carolina A&T was unable to convert these opportunities into touchdowns, continuously coming away with field goals instead.

Competing Against Top-Tier Opposition

The Aggies were up against a strong Delaware team that boasted a top-ten national ranking. Despite the odds, North Carolina A&T displayed their competitive spirit by going toe-to-toe with their opponents throughout the game. Defensive resilience, coupled with offensive drives and scoring efforts, showcased the Aggies’ ability to compete at a high level, even against challenging opponents.

Bright Spots Moving Forward

Although the loss was disheartening, Coach Vincent Brown highlighted the positive aspects of the team’s performance. Acknowledging the mistakes made, he emphasized the importance of learning from them for future games. The Aggies’ never-give-up attitude and commitment to playing until the very end laid the foundation for future success.

Looking Ahead

The North Carolina A&T Aggies will take on the University of Richmond on October 21, 2023, in their next game. With the experience gained from the hard-fought match against Delaware, the Aggies will aim to refine their strategies and improve performance moving forward. Despite the challenges faced, the team remains determined to overcome obstacles and strive for victory.


North Carolina A&T’s loss to Delaware demonstrated their unyielding spirit and ability to compete against top-ranked opponents. Although they were unable to secure a win, the Aggies’ defense showed tenacity, and the offense displayed promising drives. With a resilient mindset, the team will regroup, learn from their mistakes, and continue to fight for success in their upcoming games.

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