Agronomy staff pushes to repair vandalized greens at Furyk & Friends

by Joanne Miller

Title: Vandalism Fails to Dampen the Spirit of a Golf Tournament: Furyk & Friends Prevails


In a shocking turn of events, the Timuquana Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida, faced an unexpected setback just a day before the PGA Tour Champions’ Constellation Furyk & Friends tournament. Vandalism was discovered on four of the course’s greens, causing concern for the organizers and participants. However, through the dedicated efforts of the club’s superintendent and a collaborative team of workers from various golfing establishments, the damage was swiftly repaired, ensuring the tournament would proceed as planned.

A Swift Response to Adversity:

Upon the discovery of the vandalized greens, the superintendent wasted no time and rallied his team members to action. The neighboring Timuquana Country Club, Maccurrach Golf, and TPC Sawgrass lent their support, working together tirelessly to restore the course to its pristine condition. Utilizing sod patches, the damaged greens were promptly repaired ahead of the tournament’s opening round. The PGA Tour Champions President, Miller Brady, expressed gratitude for their efforts, ensuring that the course would be ready for the first round of competition.

A United Stand Against Adversity:

Tournament Director Adam Renfroe acknowledged the unfortunate incident while highlighting the unbreakable spirit of the organizers and participants. Renfroe emphasized that the actions of a few individuals would not diminish the significance of the event for the city of Jacksonville. The Furyk & Friends tournament aims to showcase the best of the community and make a positive impact. Renfroe’s words resonated with the golfing community, demonstrating a resolve to ensure the tournament’s success, despite the setback.

Jim Furyk, the renowned U.S. Open champion and the event’s host since 2021, was quick to respond upon hearing the news of the vandalism. Furyk, however, found solace in the well-coordinated plan already in motion when he arrived at the course. The incident served as a reminder of the tournament’s resiliency. In the past, Furyk & Friends has weathered storms like Hurricane Ian, requiring course repairs. Yet, through teamwork and determination, the event has always managed to overcome any obstacles.

A Testament to Perseverance:

The vandalism left an indelible mark on the golfing community, with seasoned player Ernie Els expressing shock at the extent of the damage. Els commended the agronomy team for their remarkable efforts in remedying the destruction. Their unwavering commitment reassured everyone that the tournament would proceed smoothly, validating Els’ belief that it would be a resounding success.


The Furyk & Friends tournament serves as an inspiration for people to come together in challenging times. While the vandalism incident undoubtedly cast a shadow of disappointment, the response from the agronomy team, golfing establishments, organizers, and players exemplified the true spirit of the sport. Despite the initial setback, the tournament stood strong, proving that the show must indeed go on. Jacksonville can anticipate an exceptional event that not only showcases world-class golf but also highlights the community’s resilience and ability to come together in the face of adversity.

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