Akshay Bhatia shoots 6-under 66 | Round 1 | Sanderson Farms | 2023 – PGA TOUR

by Joanne Miller

Title: Excitement Builds as Sanderson Farms Championship Begins


The much-anticipated Sanderson Farms Championship got off to an exciting start, with impressive performances from young golfers and seasoned professionals alike. With a field packed with talent, the tournament promises to be a thrilling battle for golf supremacy. In this article, we will highlight some of the key moments and stories from the opening round, setting the stage for an enthralling weekend of golf.

Akshay Bhatia Makes His Mark

One of the standout performers in the first round of the Sanderson Farms Championship was Akshay Bhatia. The young golfer delivered a stunning performance, shooting a remarkable 6-under 66. Bhatia showcased his skills, displaying composure and accuracy as he navigated the challenging course. As only a 17-year-old, Bhatia’s impressive performance serves as a testament to his immense talent and potential in the world of professional golf.

Ludvig Aberg Honors Commitment

Another notable story from the tournament revolves around Ludvig Aberg. The Swedish golfer, known for his remarkable dedication, honored his commitment to the Sanderson Farms Championship. Despite facing challenges due to travel disruptions and personal commitments, Aberg’s determination to compete in the tournament highlighted his professionalism and love for the sport. Aberg’s admirable dedication is a testament to the passion shared by many golfers on the path to success.

Tee Times and How to Watch

With a star-studded lineup, the Sanderson Farms Championship promises fierce competition throughout the weekend. Golf enthusiasts can plan their viewing schedules by checking out the Friday tee times and tune in to witness captivating action unfold. Golfweek provides a comprehensive guide to help fans catch every exciting moment of the tournament. Whether following their favorite players or enjoying the sheer excitement of the game, this guide ensures that no detail is missed.

Sam Bennett Embraces the Benefits of NIL

The Sanderson Farms Championship has not only showcased exceptional golf talent but also shed light on the evolving landscape of college golf. Texas A&M product Sam Bennett represents the new generation of college athletes benefiting from Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) opportunities. Bennett’s journey serves as a reminder of the growing advantages of NIL, enabling student-athletes to monetize their skills and build their personal brand. As college golf continues to evolve, the opportunities for young golfers like Bennett are expanding.

Hadley’s PGA Tour Comeback

The Sanderson Farms Championship also witnessed the return of Chesson Hadley with an outstanding opening round. Battling for a PGA Tour card once again, Hadley began his campaign in Mississippi with an impressive score of 64. It was a remarkable start to his journey toward solidifying his position on the Tour. Hadley’s determination and skill were on full display, making him an athlete to watch closely during the remainder of the tournament.


As the Sanderson Farms Championship continues, the excitement and anticipation among golf fans grow. The opening round showcased exceptional performances, emerging talents, and stories of resilience and dedication. From the young prodigy Akshay Bhatia to the return of seasoned professionals like Chesson Hadley, the tournament promises plenty of twists and turns. Golf enthusiasts should not miss the opportunity to witness the captivating action and cheer for their favorite players as they vie for victory in this prestigious event.

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