Brooks has the Ryder Cup, but it’s crunch time for Chase

by Joanne Miller

Brooks Koepka and Chase Koepka, the famous golfing brothers, may be facing an unexpected separation on the Smash GC team in the LIV Golf League. Chase finds himself in the Drop Zone on the individual points standings and needs to improve his performance to avoid being relegated out of the league. If he fails to move out of the Drop Zone, Brooks may be forced to remove his own brother from the Smash lineup.

The situation is urgent, and the Koepka brothers have been practicing together extensively in the lead-up to the upcoming LIV Golf Chicago event. Brooks, who has experienced his own struggles in the past, is providing guidance and support to Chase as he tries to navigate his way out of the Drop Zone.

Chase’s main focus has been on improving his short game, as he is currently ranked low in scrambling and putting. Unlike his brother, Chase does not rely on power and distance off the tee, so a strong short game is crucial for his success. However, Chase has struggled with his short game this season, feeling as though he has the “chipping yips.”

The Koepka brothers have been working hard to reset Chase’s mindset and approach to the game. They have put in long hours at the gym and on the practice green, with the goal of making practices more challenging than competitive rounds. They have also been trying to shift Chase’s focus away from results and simply enjoy playing golf.

Chase’s Smash teammate, Jason Kokrak, has expressed confidence in Chase’s ability to turn things around. He believes that Chase understands the urgency of the situation and has the support of his teammates. However, Kokrak acknowledges that ultimately, it is up to Chase to perform and secure his spot on the team.

There is some hope for Chase at the upcoming event at Rich Harvest Farms. Last year, he had a strong performance, tying for eighth on the traditional leaderboard and finishing ninth in points. Additionally, the course features a party-hole element on the par-3 17th, similar to one in Australia where Chase had a memorable hole-in-one shot.

Chase’s fate for next season will be decided by his performance in the upcoming weeks. If he can find his short game and produce a good enough result, he will move out of the Drop Zone and secure his spot on the team. However, if he fails to improve, he will face intense pressure at the promotional tournament in Jeddah.

Despite the potential separation, the Koepka brothers remain supportive of each other. They push each other to be the best they can be and share a special bond as brothers and teammates. Chase is determined to play well and maintain a parallel schedule with his brother, allowing them to spend time together and pursue their goals as a team.

The challenges ahead are certainly daunting for Chase, but with the support and guidance of his brother and teammates, he has a chance to overcome them. Only time will tell if he can rise to the occasion and secure his spot on the Smash GC team.

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