Brooks Koepka takes another dig at LIV teammate Matthew Wolff

by Joanne Miller

Title: Brooks Koepka’s Comments Stir Turmoil Within the Smash GC Team


Brooks Koepka, the acclaimed professional golfer, made headlines recently not only for his victory in a lucrative tournament but also for his comments regarding the dynamics within his team, Smash GC. Koepka’s remarks have sparked turmoil within the squad, particularly concerning his views on teammate Matthew Wolff. Let’s delve into the details and the implications for the team moving forward.

Koepka’s Assessment of Smash GC:

During a recent interview, Koepka responded to a question about the “brotherhood” within his Smash quartet by stating, “Well, there’s only three of us on our team.” While he expressed admiration for his younger brother Chase Koepka and Jason Kokrak, he omitted mentioning Matthew Wolff—an intentional slight, according to reports.

Not the First Time:

This is not the first instance of Koepka taking aim at Wolff. In July, Koepka accused Wolff of refusing to compete and criticized his lack of effort and commitment in an interview with Sports Illustrated. The comments caused a rift within the team and received backlash from Wolff.

Wolff’s Reaction:

In response to Koepka’s remarks, an emotional Wolff stated that hearing that his team leader had given up on him was heartbreaking. He further expressed his trust that Koepka wanted the best for the team but questioned the alignment between Koepka’s comments and their shared priorities.

Challenges Faced by Wolff:

Wolff also mentioned his struggles with mental health and his quest for perfection, leading to meltdowns during golf tournaments. His decision to join LIV Golf in 2022 was seen as an opportunity to reset and develop his mental approach in a less intense environment. However, it remains uncertain if Wolff will continue with LIV Golf in 2024 or if he will seek another team.

Koepka’s Recent Victory:

While the turmoil within Smash GC unfolded, Koepka focused on his performance in the LIV Golf tournament, securing his second win on the circuit this season. He earned $4 million for his victory and an additional $4 million for reaching the third-place finish in the season-long individual standings. Koepka’s exceptional play and recent accomplishments demonstrate his prowess as a golfer.

Future Implications:

As LIV Golf’s second season nears its conclusion, all eyes will be on the team championship, where Koepka’s Smash GC is seeded eighth. However, with the ongoing turmoil and Koepka’s comments, it seems likely that this tournament will be Wolff’s final appearance with the team.


Brooks Koepka’s recent comments have ignited a firestorm within the Smash GC team, particularly regarding his thoughts on teammate Matthew Wolff. While Koepka celebrated a victory in a lucrative tournament, the team’s unity is in question. As the LIV Golf season comes to an end, it remains to be seen how the turmoil will affect the future dynamics of Smash GC and the team’s overall performance.

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