Brooks Koepka to LIV golfers not at Ryder Cup – ‘Play better’

by Joanne Miller

Title: Brooks Koepka Responds to Criticism of LIV Golf Players Missing Ryder Cup


Guidonia Montecelio, Italy – Brooks Koepka, the only player from LIV Golf competing in this year’s Ryder Cup, has responded to the criticism surrounding the absence of other LIV hopefuls from the United States and Europe teams. Koepka, who impressed with his recent major win at the PGA Championship, believes that those players who missed out should have performed better to secure their spots. As the sole representative of LIV Golf, Koepka aims to focus on representing the USA rather than the interests of a collective group.

Brooks Koepka’s Perspective:

When asked about the fair chances given to LIV players to qualify for the Ryder Cup team on rankings points, Koepka stated that he does not make the decisions and believes that everyone had the same opportunity. Koepka emphasized the importance of performing at a higher level, suggesting that the answer lies in the players’ individual performance.

Koepka On Representing LIV Golf:

While Koepka stands alone in flying the LIV flag, he does not see his participation as solely representing LIV’s interests. He proudly wears the USA on his hat, asserting that he perceives himself as representing his country. According to Koepka, the Ryder Cup is about a unified team effort and not a group of individuals, and he believes that his teammates share this same sentiment.

LIV Golf Format and Ryder Cup:

Koepka dismisses the idea that the LIV Golf format would necessarily make him a better Ryder Cup player. He points out that the Ryder Cup format involves team scores adding up at the end, which is different from the format employed in LIV Golf. Though both are team-based formats, Koepka only sees similarities between the two beginning when the LIV Golf transitions to match play in Miami in three weeks.


Brooks Koepka’s comments address the disappointment expressed by LIV Golf players who missed out on a Ryder Cup spot and potential criticism directed towards LIV Golf’s selection process. Koepka champions the idea that players should have performed better to earn their places on the Ryder Cup teams. As he stands as the sole representative of LIV Golf, Koepka is more focused on representing the United States and contributing to a unified team effort, rather than subscribing to the notion that LIV Golf’s format would enhance his Ryder Cup performance.

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