Buffalo Council Updated on Erie, Delaware Projects – Sheridan Media

by Danica Brendon

The Buffalo City Council received updates on the city’s ongoing projects during their recent meeting. As the weather gets colder, the projects are winding down, and the council members were eager to hear about the progress made thus far.

One of the major projects discussed was the paving project on Erie and Delaware Drives. City Works Director Kevin Silbernagel informed the council that the paving and concrete work has been completed. There are only a few remaining tasks, such as cleanup, to be done before the project is considered finished. This news was a significant relief for the council, as the completion of this project will greatly improve the city’s infrastructure.

Brent Bennett, the Project Engineer, provided additional details on the project. He mentioned that the contractor is now focusing on completing smaller items like manholes. This attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the project meets the city’s standards and requirements. The council members were pleased to hear about the progress and expressed their gratitude for the hard work put into the project.

In addition to the Erie and Delaware Drives paving project, the council also discussed upcoming projects. Bennett highlighted the Buffalo Main Street project, which is scheduled to begin soon. This project aims to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of the city’s main street, creating a more inviting and vibrant atmosphere for residents and visitors alike. Furthermore, Bennett mentioned the Sunset Avenue project, which is slated for 2024. The council members were excited to hear about these future undertakings and expressed their support for the city’s proactive approach to infrastructure development.

During the meeting, Silbernagel also mentioned his upcoming trip to the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) meeting in Cheyenne. He will be representing the city and advocating for funding for various projects. The council members commended Silbernagel for his commitment and dedication to securing the necessary funds for the city’s projects. They expressed their confidence in his ability to effectively present the city’s case and secure the needed financial support.

The updates provided during the city council meeting showcase the city’s commitment to improving its infrastructure and overall quality of life for its residents. The completion of the Erie and Delaware Drives paving project is a significant milestone, while the upcoming projects promise even more positive changes for the community. With dedicated individuals like Silbernagel and Bennett leading the way, the future of Buffalo City looks bright.

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