Bulle Rock Scorecard

by Emily Walsh

Bullet Rock Golf Course

Bullet Rock is a public golf course located in Ashland, Massachusetts. It is set upon 35 acres of rolling hills and woodlands in a scenic area of southern Middlesex County. The course is recognized as one of the finest public golf courses in the region offering players a challenging layout and picturesque views. A par 72, the golf course measures 6,778 yards from the back tees and offers five sets of tees for players of all skill levels.

The golf course was designed by internationally acclaimed golf architect Arthur Hills in 1988. It features rolling fairways, deep sand bunkers, and multi-tiered greens that challenge golfers of all abilities. In addition, Bullet Rock’s beautiful scenery includes streams, ponds, and wooded areas that are interspersed throughout the layout.

This guide will provide a comprehensive overview of the Bullet Rock Golf Course and serve as a great resource for golfers of all experience levels. It will cover an overview of the course, a detailed description of each hole, amenities available, highlights of the course, and additional resources for further information.

Hole #1

The first hole of Bullet Rock Golf Course is a tricky one! It is a par 4, measuring 390 yards. It requires a tee shot to an elevated green, framed by trees on either side of the fairway. The green has subtle slopes and ridges that can make or break your putt. If you keep your tee shot in the fairway, you have a good chance of making par.

The second shot isn’t much easier, because the green is guarded by a small pond in front, and two bunkers in the back. In order to make par here, you need to keep your shots straight and accurate.

Overall, this is a challenging hole, but if you manage to make par, it’s a great confidence booster for the rest of the round.

Hole #2 – Par 4

Hole #2 at Bullet Rock Golf Course is the perfect introduction to the back nine. Featuring a long par 4 that requires players to hit their driver accurately and think through their shots, Hole #2 has some beautiful fairway bunkers, as well as some tricky water hazards to navigate. The green is protected by a bunker complex in front, so accuracy on approach shots is essential.

The tee shot is rather intimidating due to the water hazards that you have to clear, but the fairway provides enough landing area for it to be manageable. If you can layup short of the bunkers, you will be rewarded with a shorter approach shot to the green. The green itself is fairly flat and open, so it should be fairly easy to find your line.

Hole #3

The third hole is a par 4 at a length of 308 yards. It is an exciting hole that tests your accuracy as you’ll need to navigate around the fairway bunkers. This is a challenging hole as it is easy to run through the fairway, making it hard to get close to the green on your second shot.

The green itself is small and sloped from back to front. You will need precision and careful planning to stay away from the sand traps that guard the green. Even if you manage to avoid them, you still have to make sure to hit the correct part of the green to leave yourself an easy putt and a chance of making par.

Hole #4

Hole #4 at Bullet Rock is a par 3 of 213 yards from the Back tees, and 165 yards from the Forward tees. Perfect accuracy is required here as there is water blocking the green on the left and bunkers on both sides of the green.

The player needs to weigh in their club selection carefully for this hole, as going too short will end up in the hazards, and going too long may land the player in the bunkers. The fairway is also slightly elevated which will add to the difficulty of the shot.

Hole #5

Hole #5 is the fifth hole at Bullet Rock Golf Course and it is a Par 4 that measures 367 yards. It is a dogleg right and quite wide with a generous fairway. There are several bunkers and mounds to the right and left of the fairway which can make it tricky, but with the right silencing of the club players can find themselves in an advantageous position for their approach shot. The approach shot will be to a heavily contoured green with plenty of challenges, featuring bunkers on both the front and back of the green.

Hole #5 can be played safely from the tee with a long iron or wood for a safe approach to the green. Players who take the risk to hit a driver will be rewarded with a short iron or wedge for their approach shot.

Hole #6

Bullet Rock Golf Course’s Hole #6 is a par five that runs from 512 to 453 yards. This hole will challenge your long game as its length makes it a tricky one. From the back tees, golfers will be required to hit two long shots in order to reach the green. This hole can be made easier if you play it smart, utilizing the left side rough to your advantage. On the second shot, a good tee shot will bring you closer to the green and make the third shot safer. The fairway is wide open but there are hazards along the left side. If you reach the green in two shots, you’ll be rewarded with a good chance at birdie. Be sure to read the scorecard and consider your distance, as the pin placement can make a big difference.

Hole #7

Hole #7 is a 446-yard par 4 that was designed to test golfers accuracy of their shots. Players are challenged by water running down the left side of the fairway and bunker traps scattered around the fairway, making it a risky but rewarding drive. The green has two tiers, separated by mounding that can be difficult to judge if your approach shot lands in the wrong section.

Hole #8

The 8th Hole at Bullet Rock Golf Course is a par 4 measuring 343 yards from the black tees, and requires solid strategy and accuracy from the tee shot. This hole features elevated greens and a large water hazard to the left, making it essential to avoid the hazards if players want to score well. The fairway slants from front to back and has plenty of width on both sides, allowing golfers to be aggressive from the tee in order to take advantage of a shorter second shot. The green is guarded by two bunkers and is surrounded by mounds and trees, creating a tricky approach shot.

The green has a steep slope from back-left to the center, making it important to reach the correct area of the green if you want to make par or birdie. Players should be careful when hitting their approach shots as the ball could easily roll off the shallow green into the surrounding hazards. A smart shot past the flagstick will help ensure that your putts are within range for a birdie.

Overall, Hole 8 offers a challenging golf experience that requires luck, skill and accuracy. Players should plan their strategy carefully in order to have the best chance of avoiding the hazards and scoring well.

Hole #9

The 9th hole at Bullet Rock Golf Course invites players to an experience potentially not seen before on many courses. This hole is a Par 4 and plays 390 yards from the back tees. Although you may feel the challenge of the distance it doesn’t feel overwhelming. This is because the fairway is fairly generous, with plenty of room to make a good swing.

The fairway slopes gradually downhill and the green sits nestled in a small valley surrounded by bunkers. The green is divided into two tiers with a large undulation running down the center. The trick to playing this hole correctly is finding the correct tier for your approach shot as the slope can be difficult to judge, especially when the pin is on the back tier.

Players must also be wary of the creek that runs along the right side which can easily punish errant shots. Overall, this hole can bring joy or heartache depending on how well shots are managed and is sure to leave memories of one’s time taking on its challenges.

Hole #10

Bulle Rock Golf Course’s tenth hole is a moderate par 4 that measures 435 yards from the black tees. A fairly open design with few hazards, players can let loose and swing with confidence off the tee. The fairway presents an interesting uphill approach to the green guarded by sand and tree hazards right and left. Clubs selection is key as the green slopes significantly towards the rear, making for fast and tricky putts.

The strategy for this hole is straightforward: hit the fairway off the tee and take a mid-iron into the green. With a well-positioned drive, players should be left with a 120-yard shot to the green where they can gauge the strength of the wind and adjust their club selection accordingly. With careful positioning on the green, birdies aren’t out of reach.

Certainly one of the more straight forward holes on the course, hitting the fairway of Hole #10 is essential for a chance at a fair score. Accuracy off the tee is a must, as the great risk of a penalty shot awaits those who miss the fairway.

Hole #11:

Bulle Rock’s eleventh hole is a challenging Par 5. It is a long hole that stretches to 587 yards. The number of bunkers, water hazards, and undulations makes it one of the toughest holes on the course. Players will need to be accurate with their tee shot to have a good chance of reaching the green in two shots. The green is very well protected and accuracy is key to score well on this hole.

Hole #12, the final hole of the course, calls for a strong finish. It measures out at 155 yards and is a par 3, giving golfers a good test as the 18th hole comes to a close. Playing from an elevated tee box, golfers are presented with an array of choices – play it safe and aim for the center of the green, or go for broke and take the riskier route to the pin and end the round with a potential birdie. With a bunker to the left of the green and plenty of rough, the 12th hole requires accurate shots and strategic decision-making.

Amenities and Highlights of Bullet Rock Golf Course

The Bullet Rock Golf Course, located in New Brunswick, Canada, is renowned for its picturesque views and challenging play. The course offers a variety of amenities and highlights that make it a great option for all types of golfers.

18 Holes

The course features 18 holes, with a par of 72. Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced, the course has features to appeal to all levels.

Practice Facilities

Bullet Rock provides practice facilities to sharpen your skills to be ready for the course. There are both grass and artificial tee boxes, as well as chipping, pitching and putting greens.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are available for rental at the course. That way, you don’t have to worry about lugging your clubs and bag around the course.


If you’d like to better your game, feel free to take lessons from the certified pros at the course.

Restaurant and Bar

To finish off your day on the course, Bullet Rock Golf Course offers a restaurant and bar for a bite to eat or to quench your thirst while enjoying the view.

Golf shop

The golf shop at the course offers a wide range of equipment and apparel so you can look and feel your best while playing.

Scenic Views

No matter how you score at Bullet Rock, you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery throughout the course. With winding fairways and lush greens, you’ll forget your worries and focus on the game.

In conclusion, the Bullet Rock Golf Course offers many amenities and highlights that make it an excellent option for golfers of all levels. From golf carts to lessons, the course has something for everyone.

Bulle Rock Golf Course has been a favourite amongst golfers for many years. Located in the rolling hills of Maryland, the course has stunning views, varied terrain, and challenging holes. The 18-hole course has a par of 72 and covers over 7,000 yards. Each hole is unique with its own personality and hazards.

The layout of the course is well spaced and allows for golfers to take their time and truly enjoy the game. The fairways are wide and forgiving, yet can still provide a challenge especially on the back nine. The greens are well maintained and usually quite fast, providing a tricky test for even the most experienced putter.

Amenities available at Bulle Rock include a fully stocked pro shop, clubhouse, driving range, and putting green. There is also a restaurant right on the premises, where one can enjoy a post-round meal. Furthermore, the Golf Course offers lessons and clinics throughout the season for those wanting to improve their game.

Overall, Bulle Rock Golf Course is an excellent choice for golfers of all experience levels looking to challenge themselves on a great course. From the stunning views, to the challenging layout, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. So why not visit and see for yourself what a great course it is!

Bulle Rock Golf Course is a stunning, 18-hole championship golf course located in Maryland, USA. Weaved through scenic woodlands, it is a unique and enjoyable golfing experience. It has been named as one of the TOP 100 public courses in America by Golf Digest Magazine. The course length ranges from 5400 to 7222 yards and is suitable for all skill levels. It’s signature hole is the par-3 13th which features an island green.

The scorecard for Bullet Rock Golf Course displays the layout, tee boxes, and hazards of each hole. It also shows the par for the hole, yardage, and handicap rating for each set of tees. Additionally, it provides a brief description of the hole. By taking a look at the scorecard, a golfer can gain insight into the challenges they’ll face during their round.

This guide will provide an overview of the course, as well as going into detail about each hole. It will also discuss the onsite amenities, highlights about the course, and provide a summary of the guide and extra resources.

Bulle Rock is a championship golf course located in Havre de Grace, Maryland. It is one of the most sought after courses in the United States, with players from around the world seeking to test their skills on its challenging layout. For that reason, having a scorecard is essential for any player who wants to know what they are getting in to before they arrive.

To help players decide if they want to book Rounds at Bullet Rock, they can access a comprehensive scorecard with all the necessary information. This scorecard includes details such as the length of each hole, the type of terrain, and the par rating of each hole. Having this information before they go will allow players to plan ahead and select the best clubs for the round.

Finally, the scorecard also allows players to follow their progress over time. By using the scorecard to track their scores, players can identify which areas need improvement and then focus on those areas during their next round. All in all, the scorecard is a great tool for golfers looking to get the most out of their rounds at Bullet Rock.

Bullet Rock Golf Course is a recent addition to the golf world, but it has already made its mark in the hearts of fans. From avid golfers to first-timers, this Kentucky course has something for everyone. Not only is the layout spectacular, but the amenities and extra touches make it an experience like no other. If you’re looking for an escape from the everyday, Bullet Rock Golf Course is just for you.

If you’re looking for more information on the Bullet Rock Golf Course scorecard, you’ve come to the right place. This guide will provide you with an overview of the course, as well as an in-depth look at each hole. You’ll also get an overview of the amenities available on-site, plus highlights and links to resources. Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of Bullet Rock Golf Course!

As you explore the course, you’ll be immediately impressed by the rolling hills and breathtaking view of the lake. The course is a par-72 layout that spans over 7,000 yards. It features 18 total holes, including ten par-4s, four par-3s, and four par-5s. Each hole offers something unique, including elevated tees and doglegs. No matter which hole you’re teeing off from, you can expect a challenge that will test even the most experienced players.

Now let’s take an in-depth look at each of the 18 holes. Starting with the first hole, which is a 355-yard par-4. This hole is friendly to all levels and is a great place to begin. The fairway is wide open with trees on both sides, and the green is reachable with a mid-iron. The second hole is a tough par-3, measuring in at just 156 yards. The green is protected by two bunkers and is guarded by a small lake. Taking the right club off the tee could make or break your scorecard.

Hole number three is a long, demanding par-4. The 456-yard hole features an elevated tee and several bunkers. The fairway slopes sharply from left to right and the two-tiered green is guarded by more bunkers. Hole number four, a short par-3 requires a precise tee shot as the green is heavily bunkered. The 5th is another challenging par-4, playing 420-yards from the tips.

In addition to these 18 holes, Bullet Rock Golf Course provides an array of amenities that complete the experience. The grounds are meticulously maintained with greens that roll true and fairways that keep you honest. A fully stocked practice facility including a driving range and putting green help to practice your skills. The course also offers a luxurious clubhouse with delicious dining options and a spacious pro shop.

In conclusion, Bullet Rock Golf Course gives you the opportunity to play one of the best courses in the region. Incredible views, challenging layouts, and expertly maintained grounds make it an experience not to be missed. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be sure to have a great time. We hope this guide has given you a better understanding of what you can expect when visiting this exciting golf course.

For more information on the Bullet Rock Golf Course scorecard, click below for the direct link. You can also find more information on their website and stay up-to-date with social media channels. For related articles, check out our other guides for more information on the area’s best golf courses.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide on the Bullet Rock Golf Course scorecard!

Bulle Rock Golf Course is a popular public course, located just minutes away from Baltimore. It is a great destination for golfers of all skill levels. If you have an appreciation for golf, this is the place to be.

If you have had the pleasure to play at Bullet Rock, then why not share your experience? Encourage people to come and try it by sharing stunning pictures on social media. Tag your best shots with #BulleRockGolfCourse and join in the conversation. Make sure you also tag the course whenever you mention it. Let’s work together to spread the word about how awesome this course is!

Bulle Rock Golf Course is an 18-hole championship golf course located in Harford, Maryland, USA. It is one of the most popular courses in the area and is known for its challenging layout and excellent amenities. Before taking on this extraordinary course, it is important to understand the conditions, the rules and the scorecard. To ensure a safe and enjoyable golfing experience for everyone, please read and understand the following disclaimer.


Bulle Rock Golf Course is a public facility that is open to all. Our goal is to make sure that every golfer is safe and has a great experience. We do not accept any responsibility for any injuries that occur while playing the course, or for any damage caused by players on the course. It is ultimately the player’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the rules and safety regulations of the course and to follow them at all times.

FAQs about ‘Bullet Rock Golf Course Scorecard’

  • Q: What is Bullet Rock Golf Course?
    A: Bullet Rock Golf Course is a beautifully landscaped 18-hole course located in Dundee, Michigan and is known for its unique layout. It features a mix of challenging par 3’s and par 5’s, as well as multiple water traps throughout the course.
  • Q: How many holes does the Bullet Rock Golf Course consist of?
    A: Bullet Rock Golf Course has 18 holes, consisting of 9 par 3’s and 9 par 5’s
  • Q: What are some of the amenities available at the Bullet Rock Golf Course?
    A: The amenities available at the Bullet Rock Golf Course include modern putting greens, driving range, chipping area, full-service restaurant and pro shop. Additionally, there are several on-site activities, such as golf clinics, leagues and tournaments.
  • Q: What can visitors expect from playing at Bullet Rock?
    A: Visitors can expect a relaxed but challenging atmosphere while playing at the Bullet Rock Golf Course. The golf course is well-maintained and provides a stunning landscape to play through.
  • Q: How can I access the scorecard for the Bullet Rock Golf Course?
    A: You can access the scorecard for the Bullet Rock Golf Course by visiting their website or directly accessing the link which is https://www.bulletrockgolfcourse.com/scorecard/.
  • Q: What other resources are available for visitors of the Bullet Rock Golf Course?
    A: Other than the online scorecard, visitors to the Bullet Rock Golf Course will find a variety of extra resources, including links to the website, related articles, social media call-to-actions, disclaimers, SEO optimization and final edits.
  • Q: Are there any discounts or special offers available to golfers playing at the Bullet Rock Golf Course?
    A: Yes, there are discount and special offers available as it is dependent on the season. For more information regarding these offers golfers should contact the Bullet Rock Golf Course Pro Shop.

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