Cantlay getting married Mon., calls hat report ‘totally false’

by Joanne Miller

Patrick Cantlay has denied reports that he refused to wear a hat during the Ryder Cup as a protest for not getting paid to participate. The golfer insisted that the report was “totally false” and that there was not a shred of truth in the article.

Cantlay’s hatless appearance during the Ryder Cup singles match against Justin Rose on Sunday fueled speculation that he was making a statement against the lack of compensation for players in the tournament. However, Cantlay dismissed these claims, stating that the team hats simply did not fit his head.

In addition to the hat controversy, a tweet from SkySports on Saturday suggested that Cantlay was a divisive presence in the U.S. team room. However, U.S. captain Zach Johnson disputed this claim, affirming that the team had been close throughout the week.

During the U.S. team press conference, Cantlay confirmed that he is getting married to Nicole Guidish on Monday. When asked if he was avoiding a tan line on his head by not wearing a hat, Cantlay avoided giving a direct answer, saying that he had already answered numerous questions about it.

Cantlay expressed his frustration with the article and the impact that one journalist’s tweet had on spreading false information. He emphasized the unity and closeness of the U.S. team throughout the Ryder Cup.

It is not uncommon for sports events to be surrounded by rumors and controversies, and the Ryder Cup is no exception. However, it is important to remember that not everything reported is accurate, and it is essential to hear both sides of the story before drawing conclusions. In this case, Cantlay vehemently denied the claims made in the article and reiterated the camaraderie within the U.S. team.

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