Chesapeake seeks PSC approval for energy efficiency program

by Danica Brendon

Chesapeake Utilities Corporation, a leading energy provider, has recently filed for approval of an energy efficiency program in Delaware. The program aims to reduce carbon emissions in the state’s territory and is the first-of-its-kind initiative focused on natural gas.

The application was submitted to the Delaware Public Service Commission (PSC) in September. Chesapeake Utilities, based in Dover, serves areas south of the C&D Canal, while Delmarva Power operates a natural gas utility north of the canal.

If approved by the Delaware PSC, the program is expected to be implemented in the first half of 2024. This initiative demonstrates Chesapeake Utilities’ commitment to developing solutions that reduce the carbon footprint of its customers and community.

Shane Breakie, the Vice President of Sustainability and Organic Growth at Chesapeake Utilities, expressed the company’s dedication to reducing emissions in Delaware and other states within its service territories. Since 2005, the company has played a significant role in achieving a reduction of over 20% in Delaware’s emissions, aligning with the state’s environmental goals.

Chesapeake Utilities collaborated extensively with local agencies to design the energy efficiency program, ensuring that it provides opportunities for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Derrick Craig, the Energy Conservation Manager at Chesapeake Utilities, emphasized the company’s shared commitment to enhancing the well-being of Delaware communities.

As Chesapeake expands its natural gas system in Delaware to accommodate new homes, the energy efficiency program will further support its sustainability efforts. It comes at a time when the Biden Administration is advocating for energy-efficient fuel pumps to heat and cool homes, emphasizing the importance of reducing carbon emissions in the residential sector.

For more information about Chesapeake Utilities Corporation and its commitment to sustainability, visit their website. The company’s dedication to implementing energy efficiency measures and reducing emissions showcases its leadership in the industry and its contribution to a greener, more sustainable future.

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