Clippd named to manage NCAA golf scoring and rankings

by Joanne Miller

The NCAA has announced that golf technology leader Clippd will be taking over as the provider of scoring and ranking services for NCAA golf, replacing Spikemark after an agreed handover period. This move is aimed at enhancing the quality of services provided to student-athletes and the college golf community.

Clippd is a renowned golf data platform that offers performance insights for more than 100 NCAA Division I, II, and III college programs. With its extensive experience and expertise in the field, Clippd is well-positioned to deliver accurate and comprehensive scoring and ranking services for NCAA golf.

In recent weeks, following a request for assistance from Spikemark, Clippd has been working diligently to establish the necessary infrastructure for compiling, validating, and publicizing fall 2023 results from all men’s and women’s golf competitions in Division I, II, and III. The platform has already successfully published over 75% of all Division I college golf tournaments this fall, with a significant number of additional results currently being validated.

To further enhance the credibility and accuracy of the rankings, Clippd has enlisted the services of Mark Broadie, a renowned figure in the field of golf analytics. Broadie, a pioneer in golf analytics, will be the ranking authority and will collaborate with the Clippd team to provide both individual and team rankings at the conclusion of the fall season.

NCAA Senior Vice President of Championships, Joni Comstock, expressed confidence in Clippd’s ability to address the technological challenges that may arise during the 2023 fall season and emphasized the importance of delivering high-quality services to student-athletes and the college golf community.

This partnership between the NCAA and Clippd signifies a step forward in leveraging advanced technology to support collegiate golf. With Clippd’s expertise and dedication to providing accurate and comprehensive performance insights, NCAA golf tournaments and rankings are expected to benefit from improved efficiency and accuracy.

Moving forward, Clippd will continue to work closely with the NCAA to ensure the success of the fall season and to establish a productive, long-term partnership. By harnessing the power of technology and analytics, the NCAA aims to provide student-athletes with the best possible experience and support the growth and development of college golf.

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