Delaware Gov. Carney ‘seriously considering’ Wilmington mayoral run

by Danica Brendon

Rumors Swirl as Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki and Outgoing Gov. Carney Make Mayoral Intentions Clear

A recent rumor circulating in Delaware political circles has finally been addressed by two key figures involved. Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki and outgoing Governor John Carney have both given statements that shed light on their future plans.

For the past month, there has been speculation that Mayor Purzycki, who had previously expressed his intention to seek a third term in 2024, had changed his mind. The rumor suggested that Governor Carney would run to replace him as the mayor of Wilmington, the state’s largest city. However, neither politician had officially confirmed or denied these rumors until now.

In a surprising turn of events, Mayor Purzycki released a news statement announcing that, at the age of 78, he plans to complete his term but will then retire from his position. This revelation confirmed the rumor about his potential change of plans.

Governor Carney responded to Purzycki’s announcement with a statement of his own, congratulating the mayor and acknowledging his service to the city. The governor, who had previously remained silent when asked about the rumors, did not immediately reveal his own mayoral intentions.

However, when questioned about the possibility of running for mayor by WHYY News, Governor Carney released another statement. In this statement, he mentioned that he and his wife have been residents of Wilmington for 30 years and expressed his deep care for the city. Carney stated that while he is currently focused on serving as Delaware’s governor, running for mayor is something he is seriously considering.

Although Governor Carney’s statement falls short of officially declaring his candidacy, it indicates that he is testing the waters and contemplating a run for mayor. If he were to enter the race, Carney would face a Democratic primary against former state and city Treasurer Velda Jones-Potter.

While Carney contemplates his future in politics, Jones-Potter has wasted no time declaring her candidacy for the mayoral office. Jones-Potter previously ran for mayor in 2020 but lost to Purzycki in a contentious campaign.

Governor Carney, who is prohibited by law from seeking a third term as governor, has long been the subject of speculation regarding his political future. Prior to becoming governor in 2016, he served as lieutenant governor for eight years and as the state’s lone U.S. representative for six years.

As these developments unfold, the political landscape in Wilmington is set to undergo a significant transformation. With both Purzycki and Carney making their intentions clear, the race for the mayoral office will certainly be one to watch in the coming months.

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