Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership launches software platform CONNEX to strengthen local supply chain

by Danica Brendon

A new online platform called CONNEX is revolutionizing the local manufacturing supply chain in Delaware. This platform, created by the Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership at Delaware Technical Community College, aims to connect manufacturers, provide access to local suppliers, mitigate risks, uncover new business opportunities, and efficiently manage supply chains.

Rustyn Stoops, the Deputy Director of the Extension Partnership, emphasizes the importance of local supply chains and highlights the fact that access to Delaware CONNEX is completely free. He compares the platform to an online resume, allowing companies to showcase their capabilities and find suitable partners. In the past, finding companies that meet specific criteria or possess certain capabilities has been a challenging task, but CONNEX simplifies the process by providing an elaborate tool for listing capabilities and materials utilized.

One of the remarkable features of the platform is its ability to work throughout the entire supply chain. For instance, manufacturers can post RFQs (Requests for Quotes), RFIs (Requests for Information), or RFPs (Requests for Proposals) in the platform’s B2B Exchange Center. This way, if a manufacturer needs a specific product or service, they can easily connect with potential partners who can fulfill their requirements. It operates similarly to job boards, where individuals seeking employment can easily find job postings based on their skills and qualifications.

CONNEX also offers manufacturers who sign up before December 6 a free one-year upgrade to the national CONNEX platform. This upgrade provides opportunities for businesses to expand their reach and discover potential partnerships across the country.

Overall, CONNEX revolutionizes the local manufacturing supply chain by providing a user-friendly platform for manufacturers to connect with each other, find suitable suppliers, manage their supply chains efficiently, and seize new business opportunities. This free tool ensures that Delaware’s local manufacturers have the support they need to thrive in today’s competitive market.

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