Delaware woman allegedly robbed bank to feed gambling addiction

by Danica Brendon

A Wilmington woman who confessed to robbing a WSFS bank in September due to her gambling addiction has been held for court on all charges. Kesha D. Walker, 47, is facing charges of robbery, theft, receiving stolen property, and knowledge that the property is the proceeds of an illegal act.

During a preliminary hearing before Magisterial District Judge Wendy Roberts, state Trooper John Hanosek described Walker as “one of the nicest ladies I’ve ever arrested” who is in need of help. Hanosek reviewed surveillance footage from the bank, which showed Walker sitting in her car for about four hours before entering the bank. The Delaware State Police discovered that Walker’s license plates were fraudulent, and they towed her vehicle to their facility.

Walker willingly spoke to Hanosek about the robbery after being read her Miranda rights. She admitted to having a gambling problem and said that she took the money from the WSFS robbery to a Delaware casino. She also confessed to another bank robbery in Lancaster for the same purpose.

During the hearing, Walker’s defense counsel, Ashley Dawn Smith, only addressed an incorrect subsection for “immovable property” instead of “movable property.” Assistant District Attorney Nick McGuire corrected the mistake, and Judge Roberts accepted the correction, holding all charges against Walker.

Walker is currently free on $50,000 unsecured bail. Her formal arraignment is scheduled to be held at the County Courthouse in Media on November 22.

This case highlights the desperate measures some individuals take to feed their addictions. Walker’s admission to robbing banks shows the destructive power of gambling addiction and the need for support and resources to help those struggling with it. It also serves as a reminder that gambling addiction can affect people from all walks of life, regardless of their background or character.

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