Delaware’s Watershed Photo Contest is starting Friday

by Danica Brendon

Delaware’s Watershed Photo Contest: Capturing the Beauty of the First State’s Environment

Calling all professional photographers and photography enthusiasts! If you have an eye for capturing the natural beauty of Delaware, the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environment Control (DNREC) has a contest you won’t want to miss. The Watershed Photo Contest is set to begin tomorrow, offering participants the opportunity to showcase the diverse and stunning environment of the First State.

The main goal of this contest, according to DNREC, is to serve as a vivid reminder that everything that happens on land directly affects our waterways. By encouraging participants to explore and photograph Delaware’s dynamic environments, DNREC hopes to raise awareness about the importance of protecting and preserving these natural resources.

Steve Williams from the Division of Watershed Stewardship of DNREC highlights the abundance of scenic locations in Delaware, stating, “It offers so many dynamic environments to capture.” The contest aims to bring attention to these natural treasures and encourage participants to showcase the beauty they find in the state’s landscapes.

The photo contest will consist of several stages. A judging panel will review all entries and select the finalists, whose work will be prominently displayed on DNREC’s website. To determine the winning photograph, the public will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite image. The winner will be awarded a $250 Visa gift card, a 2023 state parks annual pass, a print of their photograph, and a certificate signed by Governor John Carney.

This contest presents an incredible opportunity for photographers to not only showcase their talent but also contribute to the promotion of environmental awareness. By capturing the natural beauty of Delaware, participants can inspire others to appreciate and protect the state’s precious ecosystems.

If you’re interested in participating, be sure to keep an eye out for the contest details and guidelines on DNREC’s website. Get ready to dust off your camera, explore the stunning landscapes of Delaware, and showcase the beauty that lies within this remarkable state. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this exciting initiative and have your work recognized and celebrated!

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