Dolphins owner Stephen Ross building audacious private golf club in South Florida

by Joanne Miller

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and North Palm Beach resident Michael Pascucci are teaming up to build a high-end private golf club in Hobe Sound called Apogee. The club aims to offer a “six-star experience” and become the world’s greatest golf experience. The COVID-19 pandemic and the influx of wealthy individuals moving to South Florida from the Northeast and West Coast have increased the demand for exclusive golf clubs in the area.

Pascucci, who has previously built successful golf clubs like Sebonack Golf Club, saw an opportunity to create a private club that offers three championship courses without the high costs and restrictions of joining existing clubs in the area. The Apogee club will feature 54 luxury villas, two clubhouses, a golf learning center, short par-3 courses, putting greens, practice areas, and various amenities such as a wellness spa, fitness center, racquet sports, fishing lakes, restaurants, and nature trails.

The three championship courses at Apogee will be designed by different architects, including Gil Hanse/Jim Wagner, Tommy Fazio/Mike Davis, and Kyle Phillips. Pascucci wanted each course to offer a different style of golf to cater to members’ preferences. The club’s opening is planned for late 2025.

Becoming a member of Apogee won’t come cheap, with initial prices starting at $550,000 and above. However, with three championship courses to choose from and a range of amenities, Pascucci and Ross believe the prices are reasonable.

Both Ross and Pascucci see Apogee as a legacy project that aims to set a new standard for private golf clubs. The collaboration between the experienced businessmen has been fruitful, with Pascucci bringing his golf knowledge and Ross contributing his expertise in building projects.

Apogee aims to provide an exceptional golfing experience for its members while catering to the growing demand for high-end private golf clubs in South Florida. With its top-notch amenities and world-class courses, Apogee has the potential to become a premier destination for golf enthusiasts in the region.

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