Evernorth Health Services Expands In Delaware

by Danica Brendon

Evernorth Health Services, a leader in specialty pharmacy and pharmaceutical distribution, is expanding its operations in Delaware. The company plans to build a new 200,000-square-foot specialty pharmacy and distribution facility in Newark. The facility will be used by Evernorth’s specialty pharmacy, Accredo, to dispense medications to patients across the Northeast. It will also serve as the base of operations for CuraScript SD, Evernorth’s specialty pharmaceutical distributor.

The decision to expand in Delaware comes in response to the growing demand for specialty medications, which have seen a 280% increase in the past two decades. Evernorth’s new facility will enable the company to efficiently distribute these lifesaving medications to individuals throughout the country, particularly in the Northeast. The facility will replace Accredo’s existing location in New Castle, DE, which has been operating since 2007.

The new Newark facility will be staffed by nearly 90 existing Delaware employees, including pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, warehouse associates, and operations staff. Evernorth expects to more than double the number of employees at the facility over the next few years, further contributing to job growth in the area.

Delaware Governor John Carney welcomed Evernorth’s expansion, emphasizing the state’s position as a healthcare hub for the Mid-Atlantic region. He expressed his pleasure at Evernorth’s decision to invest in Delaware and expand their operations, which will create jobs and boost the state’s economy.

The expansion was made possible with the support of Delaware Prosperity Partnership, an organization that promotes economic development in the state. They assisted Evernorth in securing various grants, including a Jobs Retention Grant, a Jobs Performance Grant, a Capital Expenditure Grant, and a matching Training Grant.

This news comes at a time when Delaware is attracting other companies as well. EtailFlow, a spinoff supply-chain management company of a leading Amazon reseller, recently announced its decision to locate in Delaware, further bolstering the state’s reputation as a favorable destination for business expansions.

Overall, Evernorth’s expansion in Delaware is a testament to the state’s healthcare expertise and favorable business environment. It not only signifies job growth and economic development but also highlights the importance of accessible specialty medications for patients in the region.

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