‘F–k those country club kids’ who judged $130M LIV move

by Joanne Miller

Title: Brooks Koepka and the Rivalries within Golf: A Closer Look at the LIV Tour


When the announcement came that the PGA Tour and LIV Golf would be merging, it was seen as a monumental moment for the sport. However, even with this groundbreaking development, stories of rivalries between players on the respective sides continue to dominate golfing discourse. Among these rivalries is the clash between golfers like Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, and Phil Mickelson, who jumped ship to the Saudi-backed LIV Tour, and those who chose to remain loyal to the PGA Tour, such as Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. This article delves into the tensions and controversies surrounding these rivalries, as documented in Alan Shipnuck’s new book “LIV and Let Die.”

Koepka’s Frustrations and the Infamous Quote

In an excerpt of Alan Shipnuck’s book, it is revealed that Koepka harbored resentment towards PGA Tour loyalists like Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. Shipnuck vividly describes a scene from the summer of 2022, where Koepka, Johnson, and their respective partners were partying in Ireland. According to the book, Koepka, fueled by a chip on his shoulder, expressed his frustration by saying, “F–k all of those country club kids who talk s–t about me.” In doing so, Koepka aimed his criticism directly at golfers like Spieth and Thomas, who had openly criticized his decision to join the LIV Tour.

Financial Gain and Personal Growth

The excerpt from Shipnuck’s book further sheds light on the motivations behind Koepka’s move to the LIV Tour. It highlights how players like Koepka, Johnson, Mickelson, and Bryson DeChambeau were enticed by staggering nine-figure deals offered by the upstart league. For Koepka, who had endured multiple surgeries, the financial security provided by the LIV Tour was life-changing. The book reveals that signing the contract with the new league prompted an emotional phone call between Koepka and his mother, both of whom shed tears of gratitude for the opportunities it would bring.

The Golf Landscape and the Merging of Tours

The merger between the LIV Tour and the PGA Tour, announced in June, sent shockwaves through the golfing world. However, despite this groundbreaking decision, regulatory scrutiny and emerging bidders for the PGA Tour, such as Endeavor and Fenway Sports Group, have cast uncertainty over the future of the sport. While the merger appeared to mend the division between the tours, it remains to be seen how these external factors will shape the golfing landscape going forward.


The rivalries between players on the LIV Tour and those loyal to the PGA Tour continue to captivate both fans and media alike. The tensions and controversies surrounding golfers like Brooks Koepka, Justin Thomas, and Jordan Spieth highlight the enduring complexities of the sport. As the proposed merger between the tours faces scrutiny and competing bids emerge, the golfing world eagerly awaits to see how these developments will shape the future of the sport.

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