Florida’s New Luxury Golf Resort Has a $1 Million Membership

by Joanne Miller

South Florida is set to welcome its first new private golf course in 25 years, as the Shell Bay Club prepares to open its doors to golf enthusiasts and luxury seekers. Situated in Hallandale Beach, just north of Miami, this exclusive club promises unparalleled amenities and a championship golf experience. However, with a staggering $1 million membership fee, gaining access to this prestigious club comes at a high price.

The Shell Bay Club, developed by Witkoff Group and PPG Development, recently unveiled its 7,254-yard private championship golf course in a press release. Boasting a meticulously designed layout, golfers can expect a challenging and scenic experience on this pristine course. From rolling fairways to strategically placed hazards, the Shell Bay Club aims to provide an unforgettable golfing adventure for its members.

While the membership fee may be eye-watering for many, the club promises an array of luxurious surroundings and amenities. Residences within the condominium tower, set to open next year, will range from $3 million for standard units to a staggering $11 million for penthouses. These high-end accommodations offer unparalleled comfort and breathtaking views of the golf course and the surrounding area.

In addition to the residential offerings, the Shell Bay Club features a private fitness center, ensuring that members can maintain their wellness routines. The fitness center includes a basketball court and batting cages, catering to the sporting preferences of its diverse clientele. Furthermore, a collection of Grand Slam tennis courts and pickleball courts will provide additional recreation options for members to enjoy.

When it comes to dining, the club leaves no stone unturned. Several dining options are available, allowing members to indulge in a variety of culinary experiences. From fine dining venues to casual eateries, there is something to cater to every palate.

One of the standout features of the Shell Bay Club is its 14,000-square-foot rooftop pool area. Offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscape, this luxurious oasis invites members to relax and unwind while taking in the stunning vistas. Additionally, the club has plans to unveil a luxury resort with 60 guest rooms and suites in 2025, further solidifying its reputation as a haven of luxury and exclusivity.

With its exceptional golf course, opulent accommodations, and top-tier amenities, the Shell Bay Club is poised to become a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts and luxury seekers alike. While the $1 million membership fee may be out of reach for most, it represents a level of exclusivity and prestige that appeals to a select clientele. As South Florida eagerly awaits the opening of this high-end golf club and resort, it promises to provide an unforgettable experience for those privileged enough to become members.

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