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by Danica Brendon
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On Friday, Polytech High School defeated St. Andrews with a score of 36-14, while Sussex Central High School emerged victorious against Cape Henlopen with a score of 35-16. Brandywine High School defeated Indian River with a score of 38-28, and Dickinson High School won by a narrow margin of 15-14 against Early College. Salesianum High School dominated William Penn with a score of 49-0, and Caravel High School showcased a dominant performance against Delcastle with a score of 56-6. Red Lion Christian won by a single point, defeating Delaware Military with a score of 14-13.

On Thursday, Woodbridge High School had a convincing win against Milford High School with a score of 52-30. Laurel High School emerged victorious against Seaford High School with a score of 28-18. Delmar High School won by a narrow margin, defeating Lake Forest High School with a score of 30-27. Lastly, Howard High School defeated Newark High School with a score of 8-3.

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