Golf Cart Rear Seats

by Katrina Perry
Golf cart rear seats: spacious, comfortable seating for passengers on your next round of golf

Golf Cart Rear Seats are an essential feature for anyone looking to maximize the functionality and comfort of their golf cart. Whether you use your golf cart for recreational purposes or as a means of transportation, having rear seats can make a significant difference in the overall experience. From increasing seating capacity to ensuring the safety of passengers, there are various reasons why golf cart rear seats are a valuable addition.

When it comes to choosing the right type of rear seat for your golf cart, there are several options to consider. Fold-down, flip flop, stationary, and custom rear seats all offer different features and benefits, allowing you to customize your golf cart based on your specific needs and preferences. Before making a purchase, it’s important to understand the various factors that come into play, such as weight capacity, installation process, and material options.

In this article, we will explore the importance of golf cart rear seats, the different types available in the market, considerations before making a purchase, benefits of adding rear seats to your golf cart, customization options, maintenance tips for keeping rear seats in top condition, safety measures when using rear seats and legal requirements and regulations pertaining to them.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or simply enjoy cruising around in your golf cart, understanding the significance of rear seats can help enhance your overall experience.

Types of Golf Cart Rear Seats

When it comes to choosing the right rear seats for your golf cart, there are several options to consider. Each type of seat offers its own unique features and benefits, so it’s important to understand the differences before making a decision. Here are the types of golf cart rear seats available:

  • Fold-Down Seats: These seats can be easily folded down when not in use, creating additional space for carrying items or when extra seating is not required. They are convenient for maximizing space on the golf cart and can be easily folded back up when needed.
  • Flip Flop Seats: These seats have a versatile design that allows them to function as either a rear-facing seat for passengers or as a cargo deck for hauling items. This dual-purpose option provides flexibility for different uses of the golf cart.
  • Stationary Seats: As the name suggests, these seats are fixed in place and do not have any moving parts. They provide a stable and secure seating option for passengers, making them a reliable choice for those who prioritize safety and stability.
  • Custom Options: For those looking to personalize their golf cart, custom rear seats offer endless possibilities. From unique designs to specific upholstery choices and colors, custom options allow you to create a rear seating setup that perfectly suits your style and needs.

Before deciding on the type of rear seat for your golf cart, consider factors such as how you plan to use the cart, the number of passengers you typically carry, and any specific preferences you may have regarding functionality and aesthetics.

A thorough consideration of these factors will help ensure that you choose rear seats that best meet your needs and enhance your overall golf cart experience.

Considerations Before Purchasing Golf Cart Rear Seats

When considering purchasing golf cart rear seats, there are a few important factors to take into account in order to make the best decision for your needs. The following are key considerations before making your purchase:

  • Weight Capacity: It is crucial to determine the weight capacity of the rear seats to ensure that they can safely accommodate the intended number of passengers. Exceeding the weight limit can not only lead to potential accidents but also damage the golf cart itself.
  • Installation Process: Different types of rear seats may have varying installation processes. Some may require professional installation, while others can be easily installed with basic tools and DIY skills. Understanding the installation process beforehand will help you plan accordingly.
  • Material Options: Rear seats for golf carts come in a variety of materials, including plastic, vinyl, and fabric. Each material has its own benefits and drawbacks in terms of durability, comfort, and maintenance. It’s important to choose a material that aligns with your specific needs and preferences.

Considering these factors before purchasing golf cart rear seats will ensure that you make an informed decision that enhances both the functionality and safety of your golf cart.

Once you have taken these considerations into account and decided on the best rear seats for your golf cart, you can look forward to a range of benefits that they offer. Not only do they increase seating capacity, providing ample space for additional passengers or cargo, but they also add comfort and safety for those riding in the rear of the vehicle.

Lastly, choosing customizable options such as upholstery choices, colors, and accessories allows you to personalize the look and feel of your golf cart rear seats, adding a touch of personality to your vehicle while ensuring it meets all your specific needs.

Benefits of Adding Rear Seats to Your Golf Cart

Adding rear seats to your golf cart can provide a range of benefits, not only for the driver but also for passengers. One of the key advantages is the increased seating capacity, allowing you to accommodate more people on your golf cart. Whether you’re using it for recreational purposes or transportation around a large property, having extra seats can be incredibly convenient. This is particularly useful for families or groups of friends who want to enjoy the ride together.

In addition to the increased seating capacity, adding rear seats can also enhance the comfort level for passengers. With proper cushions and upholstery choices, rear seat passengers can have a more enjoyable and relaxing experience while riding in the golf cart. This is especially important for longer journeys or when traveling over rough terrain, as comfortable seating can make all the difference.

Furthermore, adding rear seats to your golf cart can significantly improve safety for passengers. It provides them with a designated and secure area to sit, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries while the vehicle is in motion. Additionally, having rear seats allows for better weight distribution across the golf cart, which can contribute to overall stability and safer handling.

Benefit Details
Increased Seating Capacity Allows accommodation of more people on your golf cart.
Added Comfort Proper cushions and upholstery choices enhance passenger comfort.
Improved Safety Reduction of risk of accidents or injuries; better weight distribution across the golf cart.

Customization Options for Golf Cart Rear Seats

When it comes to customizing your golf cart rear seats, there are various options to choose from to make them uniquely yours. One of the first decisions to consider is the upholstery choice. Whether you prefer a durable vinyl material or a more luxurious cushioned fabric, the right upholstery can enhance both the comfort and style of your rear seats. Additionally, selecting colors that complement your golf cart’s overall aesthetic will tie everything together for a cohesive look.

In addition to upholstery choices and colors, there are also various accessories available to further customize your golf cart rear seats. From cup holders and armrests to seat cushions and storage compartments, adding these accessories can enhance the functionality of your rear seats while also making them more comfortable for passengers. Furthermore, some accessories can also contribute to the safety of those riding in the rear seats.

Lastly, it’s important to consider any local regulations or legal requirements when customizing your golf cart rear seats. Some areas may have specific rules regarding the customization of golf carts, including limitations on certain accessories or modifications. Always ensure that any customizations you make are in compliance with these regulations in order to avoid any potential legal issues.

Customization Options Details
Upholstery Choices Vinyl or cushioned fabric options available
Colors Select from a variety of colors to match your golf cart’s look
Accessories Add-ons like cup holders, armrests, and storage compartments

Maintenance Tips for Keeping Golf Cart Rear Seats in Top Condition

When it comes to maintaining your golf cart rear seats, regular care and upkeep are essential to extending their lifespan and ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. Here are some maintenance tips for keeping your golf cart rear seats in top condition:


Regular cleaning is crucial for preserving the appearance and structural integrity of your golf cart rear seats. Use a mild soap or upholstery cleaner to gently remove any dirt, stains, or grime from the seats. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the fabric or vinyl. Be sure to clean both the seat cushions and the seat backs, as well as any armrests or headrests, if applicable.


Proper storage is key to preventing unnecessary wear and tear on your golf cart rear seats. When not in use, cover your golf cart to protect it from the elements such as sun, rain, and dust. If possible, store your golf cart in a garage or other covered area to shield it from harmful UV rays and inclement weather. Additionally, consider using seat covers specifically designed for golf cart rear seats to provide an extra layer of protection.

Regular Inspections

Performing regular inspections of your golf cart rear seats is essential for identifying any signs of damage or wear early on. Check for loose bolts or screws on flip flop or stationary rear seats and ensure that all hinges are functioning properly on fold-down models. Look for any tears, rips, or areas of worn-out padding on the seat cushions and backs. Addressing these issues promptly can help prevent further damage and maintain the safety of your passengers.

By following these maintenance tips for cleaning, storage, and regular inspections, you can ensure that your golf cart rear seats remain in top condition for years to come. Prioritizing proper care and upkeep will not only enhance the overall appearance of your golf cart but also contribute to a comfortable and safe riding experience for all passengers.

Safety Measures When Using Golf Cart Rear Seats

When using golf cart rear seats, it is essential to prioritize safety measures to ensure the well-being of passengers. One crucial aspect of safety when using golf cart rear seats is seat belt usage. Just like in a regular vehicle, it is important for passengers to buckle up when seated in the rear seats of a golf cart. This simple act can significantly reduce the risk of injury in the event of sudden stops or collisions.

Another important safety consideration is weight distribution. Golf carts are designed to accommodate a certain amount of weight, and improper distribution can affect the vehicle’s stability and handling. When using rear seats, it is vital to distribute the weight evenly to prevent the cart from becoming unbalanced, which could lead to accidents or tipping over.

Proper seating arrangements also play a crucial role in ensuring safety when using golf cart rear seats. It is essential for passengers to be seated in designated areas and not hanging off the sides or standing while the vehicle is in motion. This helps maintain balance and stability, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

By prioritizing these safety measures – seat belt usage, weight distribution, and proper seating arrangements – golf cart owners can provide a secure and comfortable riding experience for their passengers while enjoying the benefits of increased seating capacity with rear seats installed on their carts.

Legal Requirements and Regulations for Golf Cart Rear Seats

In conclusion, golf cart rear seats are an essential addition to any golf cart, providing increased seating capacity, added comfort, and improved safety for passengers. With options such as fold-down, flip flop, stationary, and custom seats available, golf cart owners have a variety of choices to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Before purchasing rear seats for your golf cart, it’s important to consider factors such as weight capacity, installation process, and material options to ensure the best fit for your vehicle.

Furthermore, customization options for golf cart rear seats allow owners to personalize their carts with upholstery choices, colors, and accessories. However, it is crucial to keep these seats in top condition by following maintenance tips such as regular cleaning, proper storage, and routine inspections. Safety measures when using golf cart rear seats should also be observed at all times including seat belt usage, proper weight distribution, and ensuring passengers are seated appropriately.

Additionally, it is vital for golf cart owners to be aware of the legal requirements and regulations concerning rear seats. Local laws may dictate age restrictions for passengers or require licensing for those utilizing the rear seats.

By understanding and complying with these regulations, golf cart owners can enjoy their vehicles safely and responsibly while adhering to the law. Overall, adding rear seats to a golf cart enhances its functionality while also ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all passengers.

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