Golf course tees up for another round as housing developers push back project

by Joanne Miller

The Pines Golf Course in Wyoming, Michigan, was preparing for its final season this fall as plans were in place to convert the course into a housing development. However, the developers have decided to push back the project to 2025, allowing the golf course to remain open for another season.

The announcement has brought smiles to the faces of both customers and employees at The Pines Golf Course. The Operations Director, Austin Peuler, expressed his initial surprise at the news but quickly realized the positive impact it would have on their morale. Over the past few weeks, Peuler has seen a significant increase in employee morale and numerous happy customers visiting the course for their last round of golf.

With 18 holes and a busy summer season, The Pines Golf Course has been a beloved destination for golf enthusiasts for 56 years. In preparation for the closure, the course even held a special outing for current and former staff members, allowing them to reminisce and create lasting memories.

The plan to convert the golf course into a housing development involves building over 600 housing units, including apartments, condos, and townhomes. The development would also feature retail and office spaces, as well as a green space. However, these plans are now on hold until 2025.

While the developers have not provided a comment on the delay, Peuler and his team are making the most of the additional time they have with their beloved course. Until construction on the housing development begins, they will continue to cherish their experiences on the greens and enjoy the remaining time they have left.

As for the exact start date of the next golf season, Peuler is unsure but eagerly looks forward to it. The unexpected extension has given him and the golfers an opportunity to savor the moments and create even more cherished memories on the course.

In conclusion, The Pines Golf Course in Wyoming, Michigan, will remain open for another season due to the developers’ decision to postpone their housing development project. This news has brought joy to customers and employees, allowing them to enjoy the golf course for a little while longer. While plans for the development are on hold, Peuler and his team are grateful for the opportunity to continue their love for the game and make lasting memories at The Pines Golf Course.

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