Golfer Patrick Koenig breaks Guinness Record for most 18-hole rounds

by Joanne Miller

Golf Photographer Patrick Koenig Sets Unofficial World Record for Most 18-Hole Golf Courses Played in One Year

For most golf enthusiasts, playing a full 18-hole course in one day is more than enough. However, golf photographer Patrick Koenig has set out to break the world record for the most 18-hole courses played in a single year. His journey has been nothing short of remarkable, and he recently (unofficially) broke the record by playing his 450th course.

Koenig embarked on this ambitious endeavor at the beginning of the year, with the previous record standing at 449 courses. On October 17th, Koenig achieved his milestone when he played his 450th course at Omni Interlocken in Broomfield, Colorado. However, the record is still unofficial as Guinness World Records needs to review all the evidence, a process that can take up to 12 weeks.

Despite already breaking the record, Koenig is not done yet. With about a month and a half left in 2023, he continues to play even more courses. His goal is to reach 500 golf courses by the end of the year, solidifying his new world record as even more unbreakable.

To put Koenig’s achievement into perspective, the previous record holders, Jonathan and Cathie Weaver, played 449 18-hole courses over the course of 365 days from April 2008 to March 2009. The couple averaged 8.6 golf courses per week. In contrast, Koenig broke the record in just 287 days, averaging about 11 courses per week and 1.6 courses per day. To reach his goal of 500, he would need to maintain an average of 9.6 courses per week and approximately 1.4 courses per day.

Koenig’s record-breaking attempt is part of his larger initiative known as The RGV Tour 2.0. The RGV stands for Recreational Golf Vehicle, and it represents Koenig’s passion for traveling and playing golf across the country. In 2018, he embarked on The RGV Tour 1.0, where he played golf in every state and raised $20,000 for the nonprofit organization First Tee.

With The RGV Tour 2.0, Koenig shifted his focus to breaking the world record for 18-hole courses played in one year. Once again, he is raising money for First Tee during his travels. To date, Koenig has raised over $31,000, according to Golf GameBook’s website, his partner in this endeavor.

Golf GameBook is an app that allows users to track their scores and those of others. According to Koenig’s profile, his average score in a round of 18 holes this year is 77.3, with an all-time best score of 67.

Koenig’s record-breaking journey showcases his dedication to the sport and his desire to make a positive impact through his passion. Breaking the world record for most 18-hole golf courses played in one year is no small feat, and it solidifies Koenig’s place in the golfing world. As we eagerly await the official confirmation from Guinness World Records, Koenig continues to inspire golfers around the globe with his remarkable achievement.

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