Golfer rips his shirt off while threatening other players in bizarre scene

by Joanne Miller

Title: Golfer Rips His Shirt Off While Threatening Other Players in Bizarre Scene


In a recent viral video, a man at a golf course has completely disregarded the customary rules of golf etiquette. The clip, posted on TikTok by user @kennethdavis8680, captured a heated altercation between the man, dubbed as a “Karen on the golf course,” and his fellow players. As the argument escalated, the man dramatically ripped off his shirt and challenged others to a fight, provoking a perplexing scene that has taken social media by storm.

The Incident Unfolded

The video begins with the man engaged in a heated argument with individuals on the golf course. It quickly intensifies as he expresses his bravado by flexing and yelling, “This is a man that’s been to heaven! So if you wanna test God, then come and get it, s–tstack!” The confrontation reached a point where the man openly challenged what seemed to be two carts full of other golfers.

Inciting Incident Explained

Fortunately, one of the TikTok users, @yerrrrr, provided some context in the comments section, shedding light on the events leading up to the shocking confrontation. Apparently, one of the girls hit her ball near the man, and they drove over to retrieve it. However, the man picked up the ball and defiantly declared, “Oh no you ain’t! This is my ball now b*tch!” The ball held sentimental value for the player, making her adamant about retrieving it.

Location and Reception

The incident occurred at Crooked Creek Golf Course in Michigan, infamous for being one of the most chaotic spots. While no physical altercations took place, egos were undoubtedly bruised during the encounter. However, in the era of the Internet, where viral content is treasured, the video quickly made its way to Reddit, where users deliberated on this peculiar incident. Many agreed that this was an example of winning an argument by out-crazying the other party.

The Viral Sensation

Since its upload, the TikTok video has garnered over 17,000 likes and 2,000 comments, catapulting it to viral status. The clip has captivated audiences worldwide, sparking discussions, debates, and humor about the man’s outlandish behavior on the golf course.


The golfing community may value tradition and etiquette, but occasionally, incidents like these disrupt the serenity of the sport. The viral video of the “Karen on the golf course” ripping off his shirt and challenging other players to a fight showcases a moment of absurdity that captivated viewers. While the confrontation might not have resulted in physical harm, it serves as a reminder that unexpected events can unfold even in the most composed environments.

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