Golfer Uncorks 579-Yard Drive At Wyoming Course, Sets New World Record, Wants To Go Even Further – OutKick

by Joanne Miller

Kyle Berkshire, a professional long-drive competitor, has set a new world record for the longest drive in golf history. While professional golfers were dealing with disappointing results at the Ryder Cup, Berkshire was in Wyoming, unleashing a shot that has left the golf world in awe.

At the Rochelle Ranch public course, Berkshire teed off from the 12th hole with the aim of hitting his shot over the 13th hole, across a section of the 18th fairway, and landing near the green on the 16th hole. Using his powerful swing and unconventional approach, Berkshire smashed a drive that left spectators speechless. The ball traveled so far that it took a two-minute cart ride to reach the landing spot.

Berkshire revealed that his drive reached a ball speed of 233 mph, an incredibly impressive feat considering the cool weather conditions. Speaking to the Cowboy State Daily, he expressed confidence that he could hit even longer drives, possibly reaching distances of 630 or even 640 yards in warmer conditions.

The record-breaking drive surpassed the previous long-drive record by an astonishing 26 yards. Berkshire’s prowess on the golf course is undeniable, and his performance has cemented his status as one of the premier long-drive competitors in the world.

The specifics of Berkshire’s drive on that momentous day provide further insight into his remarkable achievement. Standing at 6’3″ and weighing 215 pounds, Berkshire utilized a Cobra driver and struck the record-setting shot on his eighth attempt. The ball, a Titleist Pro V1x, traveled an incredible 515 yards and stayed airborne for 11 seconds. Rochelle Ranch, where the record was set, measures 7,925 yards from the tips, and the elevation sits at 6,800 feet.

Berkshire’s extraordinary day didn’t end with his record-breaking drive. He also set a world record for ball speed, recording an astounding 241.6 mph swing in the club’s 19th hole. Remarkably, he managed to avoid sending a ball through the bar’s wall, further demonstrating his control and precision.

For those interested in attempting to challenge Berkshire’s record at Rochelle Ranch, the course offers an affordable playing fee of $36 on weekends and $33 during the week. It’s an opportunity for golf enthusiasts to test their skills on the same grounds where a new world record was born.

Kyle Berkshire’s incredible achievement has captivated the golf world and left professionals and fans alike in awe. His power, skill, and record-breaking performances have solidified his status as a true force to be reckoned with in the sport of golf.

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