Holes-in-one for Central New York golfers as of Sept. 22

by Joanne Miller

Title: Central New York Golfers Shine with Holes-in-One and Impressive Scores

Golf is a sport that requires skill, precision, and focus. Central New York golfers have recently showcased their abilities by achieving remarkable accomplishments on the golf course. From impressive holes-in-one to outstanding scores, these players have left their mark and inspired fellow golf enthusiasts. Let’s take a closer look at the notable achievements of these talented individuals.

The exhilarating moment of sinking a hole-in-one is a dream for many golfers. Several players recently experienced the joy of achieving this feat:

1. John Sufita – On September 21, using an 8-iron, Sufita aced the 125-yard No. 6 hole at Arrowhead. The shot was witnessed by Charlie Smith.

2. Patrick O’Connor – O’Connor accomplished a hole-in-one on the 102-yard No. 4 hole at Drumlins West on September 20, using a 52-degree wedge. Henry Skinner witnessed this remarkable shot.

3. Christian Brothers Academy Freshman – An exciting article on Syracuse.com highlighted a memorable moment when a freshman from Christian Brothers Academy sank his first-ever hole-in-one during his debut varsity golf match. This remarkable achievement aptly portrays the rising talent in Central New York’s golfing community.

4. Rick Renard – Using a 9-hybrid, Renard achieved a hole-in-one on the 110-yard No. 7 hole at Newport on September 19. Rick Garlic, Linda Zaleski, and Dan Glezen were present as witnesses.

5. Bill Squairs – On September 17, Squairs used an 8-iron to make a hole-in-one on the 123-yard No. 8 hole at Woodcrest. Dan Whitney, Joe Brown, and Tom Campbell witnessed this remarkable shot.

Shoot Your Age:
Golfers reaching an age where their skill and wisdom align with their scorecards is a noteworthy achievement. Here are a few individuals who have achieved the coveted “Shoot Your Age” milestone:

1. Wes Arlukiewicz – At the age of 76, Arlukiewicz shot an impressive 72 at Tuscarora on September 22. Witnessed by Ken Crewell and Dan Benigini, this accomplishment showcases Arlukiewicz’s continued mastery over the game.

2. John Napieracz – Similarly at 76 years old, Napieracz shot a remarkable 74 at Dutch Hollow on September 19. Gary Lewis, John Leonard, and Ron Dushatinski were present to witness Napieracz’s exceptional round.

3. Gary Revercomb – Revercomb, aged 75, shot an impressive 72 on September 16 at Cazenovia. With Bill Bedell, Larry Schnall, and Ron Bowden as witnesses, Revercomb’s achievement demonstrates the enduring passion and skill found in senior golfers.

4. Zeke Zakrzeski – At the age of 80, Zakrzeski displayed his golfing prowess by shooting a 72 at Rogues Roost East on September 13. Sandy Hicks, Ron Gasowski, and John Michalski were present to witness the exceptional round played by this octogenarian golfer.

5. Rich Fancher – Fancher, age 70, showed his prowess by shooting a remarkable 68 at Westvale Golf Club on September 6. Johnny Plochko and Bill Grome were witnesses to this outstanding accomplishment.

Central New York’s golfing community has witnessed an array of exceptional achievements, ranging from awe-inspiring holes-in-one to golfers shooting their age. These accomplishments not only highlight the talent and dedication of individual golfers but also serve as a testament to the region’s rich golfing culture. As these remarkable feats continue to inspire others, the golfing community in Central New York remains a source of admiration and celebration.

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