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by Joanne Miller

LIV Golf, a breakaway golf tour, has suffered a setback in its quest for recognition as the Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) has rejected their application for World Ranking Points. The OWGR deemed that the format of the 48-man league was not fair when compared to the other 24 tours around the world.

This news was first reported by the Associated Press, who spoke to Peter Dawson, chairman of the OWGR board. Dawson clarified that the decision was not political but rather a technical one. He stated, “LIV players are self-evidently good enough to be ranked. They’re just not playing in a format where they can be ranked equitably with the other 24 tours and thousands of players trying to compete on them.”

The committee that rejected LIV’s bid included leaders from prestigious organizations such as Augusta National, the PGA of America, the U.S. Golf Association, and The R&A. Their collective decision is a significant blow to LIV Golf, especially considering that the tour has two events left to play in 2023.

The rejection of LIV Golf’s bid for World Ranking Points highlights the challenges faced by breakaway tours in gaining recognition from established golf bodies. While the tour may have some top-quality players, the OWGR’s concern is that the existing format does not provide a fair assessment of their abilities in comparison to players from other tours.

Being granted World Ranking Points is crucial for golfers as it determines their eligibility for various prestigious events, including the major championships. Without these points, LIV Golf players face challenges in competing on a level playing field with other top-ranked golfers.

Despite this setback, LIV Golf may find alternative ways to establish its credibility and attract top-level players. The tour will have to address the concerns raised by the OWGR and explore modifications to its format to ensure fair assessment and equitable competition.

The golfing world eagerly awaits LIV Golf’s next moves and whether they can overcome this hurdle to become a recognized and respected tour. For now, players and fans will have to follow the developments closely and see how the future unfolds for this ambitious breakaway tour.

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