‘I retired after my hole in one’

by Joanne Miller

The Washington Capitals recently embarked on a team-building outing in Easton, Maryland, which head coach Spencer Carbery described as a valuable experience. The players had the opportunity to indulge in a different environment than they are accustomed to, including participating in a golf tournament.

One player who drew considerable attention during the tournament was Capitals captain, Alex Ovechkin. While Ovechkin has shown sporadic interest in golf over the years, he humorously stated that he retired from the sport after hitting a hole-in-one in his first-ever round back in 2006. At a charity tournament in Virginia, Ovechkin managed to achieve one of the most difficult accomplishments in golf by sinking a shot on a 160-yard par-3 hole. The footage of Ovechkin’s ecstatic reaction, shouting for Tiger Woods and gleefully celebrating, quickly went viral and has garnered over 715,000 views on YouTube.

However, Ovechkin’s golfing skills may not be as consistent as his abilities on the ice. In a more recent video from 2016, Ovechkin can be seen attempting to hit a drive with some noticeable struggles. This perhaps explains why he jokingly retired from the sport after his initial success.

While Ovechkin may have had a memorable golfing moment, it is clear that his true talent lies in hockey. Ted Leonsis, the owner of the Capitals, advised Ovechkin in 2006 not to give up his day job, affirming that he did not want the star player to abandon his successful hockey career.

Overall, the Washington Capitals’ team-building outing provided players with a valuable opportunity to bond in a different setting. While Ovechkin showcased his golfing skills with a remarkable hole-in-one, it is evident that his true passion and talents lie on the ice.

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