‘I won’t change’: Jon Rahm blasts back at Brooks Koepka’s ‘childish’ jibe | Ryder Cup 2023

by Joanne Miller

Jon Rahm, the Spanish golfer, has expressed his determination to maintain his passionate approach on the golf course, despite being criticized by fellow player Brooks Koepka. Koepka labeled Rahm a “child” following a match in the Ryder Cup.

Rahm, however, remains unwavered by the comments and has vowed to stick to his own style of play. “I’m here to do my job, and whatever comments anybody else may have shouldn’t really change the way I go about it or what I think of myself,” Rahm stated.

Koepka’s criticism specifically referred to a moment during the match when Rahm displayed frustration by hitting an advertising board after a missed putt. Rahm clarified that he was unhappy with his previous shot and needed to release some frustration in order to refocus. Furthermore, Rahm emphasized that he believed this approach was necessary for him to perform under the circumstances.

Rahm admitted that he will not easily forget Koepka’s comments. Up until that incident, Rahm believed that he and Koepka had a good relationship. Nevertheless, he stated that he had no issue with Koepka before this incident took place.

Rahm’s teammate, Tyrrell Hatton, offered his support, advising Rahm and his fellow players to avoid external distractions and stay focused on their goals. Hatton emphasized the importance of maintaining tunnel vision and not getting caught up in outside noise.

As Rahm continued to perform well in subsequent matches, winning alongside Hatton, the incident with Koepka seemed to have little effect on his performance. Rahm’s determination to stay true to himself and his style of play demonstrates his strength of character and resilience.

Overall, Rahm’s refusal to alter his passionate approach on the golf course is admirable. It is a reminder that athletes have their own unique ways of expressing themselves and dealing with pressure. Ultimately, what matters most is their performance and their ability to deliver results, regardless of criticism or labels placed upon them.

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