Joe Edwards’ Loop mini golf facility will officially open

by Joanne Miller

Magic Mini Golf, the much-anticipated miniature golf facility in University City, Missouri, is finally set to open its doors this Friday. Developed by the renowned Delmar Loop developer Joe Edwards, the facility has been a long time coming due to pandemic-related delays.

Situated at 6160 Delmar Blvd., Magic Mini Golf boasts an indoor, 18-hole mini golf course, two lanes of shuffleboard, and a 16-foot Ferris wheel that was acquired from The Muny. First proposed in 2018, the concept also includes a kitchen, a full bar, pinball and arcade games, and a stage for live performances and presentations, offering a wide range of entertainment options for visitors.

When asked about his motivation for creating Magic Mini Golf, Edwards stated, “I like creating places that people of all ages can go for a fun experience.” With this in mind, he has put considerable effort into ensuring that the facility provides a memorable experience for visitors of all backgrounds and interests.

Spanning an impressive 9,500 square feet, Magic Mini Golf is adorned with colorful vintage magic posters and magic- and golf-themed memorabilia. Edwards himself has played a significant role in the decoration of the space, designing the display cases that showcase his personal collection of memorabilia gathered over the course of several decades.

The opening of Magic Mini Golf is generating excitement and anticipation among locals and visitors alike. This unique entertainment venue promises to not only fulfill the desires of avid mini golf enthusiasts but also attract individuals seeking a fun and memorable outing. Whether it’s families looking for a weekend activity, friends wanting to compete on the mini golf course, or individuals looking to indulge in good food, drinks, and live performances, the facility aims to cater to a diverse range of interests.

The St. Louis Business Journal has provided additional coverage on the opening of Magic Mini Golf, delving deeper into the details surrounding its development and the journey Edwards has embarked on to bring this vision to life. For those interested in learning more, the full story can be found on their website.

As the grand opening of Magic Mini Golf approaches, excitement and anticipation continue to grow. It is evident that Joe Edwards has once again succeeded in creating a unique and vibrant space that will captivate and entertain visitors for years to come.

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