Jordan Spieth urges re-think of golf calendar after Ryder Cup loss to help boost USA’s chances in 2025, claiming the biennial showdown should be played after the Tour Championship

by Joanne Miller

Jordan Spieth, a three-time major winner and member of the United States Ryder Cup team, believes that closing the gap between the end of the PGA Tour season and the Ryder Cup would be beneficial to the American side. Spieth’s observations come after the US team’s recent loss to Europe at the Ryder Cup in Rome, where the American players had little opportunity to come together and play competitively before the event.

Spieth suggests that a shake-up of the golf calendar is needed in order to give US stars more time to prepare for the Ryder Cup. Currently, there is a significant gap between the end of the PGA Tour season and the Ryder Cup, leaving players with limited playing opportunities and little time to come together as a team. Spieth proposes that the gap be shortened to give players more time to rest and play in competitive events before the Ryder Cup.

Spieth’s comments are supported by the success of the European team, who had ample time to prepare for the tournament. All 12 members of their team played in the prestigious BMW PGA Championship earlier in September, with 10 of them finishing in the top 15. This preparation seemed to pay off, as Europe went on to win the Ryder Cup.

Spieth’s teammate, Justin Thomas, also echoed his sentiments, stating that their preparation was no different from two years ago when they won the Ryder Cup on home soil. However, Thomas acknowledges that playing in Europe required more attention to detail and possibly more preparation, including a scouting trip.

Despite their loss, US captain Zach Johnson dismissed the suggestion that rustiness and lack of preparation cost his side the early advantage. Johnson believes that rest and recovery are important for players, and many players have won tournaments after taking weeks off. He also emphasized that the schedule is out of their control and that they did their best to prepare for the event, both at home and during their time in Europe.

Overall, Spieth’s comments highlight the importance of adequate preparation and competitive playing opportunities for the success of the US Ryder Cup team. Closing the gap between the end of the PGA Tour season and the Ryder Cup could help provide US players with the time and opportunities needed to be better prepared for the prestigious event.

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