Justin Thomas blasts Alan Shipnuck amid ‘F**k Rory’ story

by Joanne Miller

Excerpts from a new book by renowned golf reporter Alan Shipnuck have caused a stir on social media. The book, titled “LIV and Let Die,” was exclusively published by Fire Pit Collective and quickly gained attention from golfers and fans alike.

The excerpts in question were shared by Fire Pit Collective, prompting reactions from players such as Justin Thomas and Brooks Koepka. Both players expressed their dissatisfaction with the book and with Shipnuck personally. Thomas took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to voice his opinion, stating, “I’d like to speak on behalf of a lot of Tour players and say we’re sick of @AlanShipnuck doing what he does. Bring positivity and good stories to help grow the game of golf, not try and make money bashing guys, earning zero trust, with a lot of incorrect information. Ridiculous.”

The controversy surrounding the book continued to escalate when Thomas responded to a post by CBS reporter Kyle Porter, who shared an excerpt from the book about Rory McIlroy. The quote from an anonymous source in the book was critical of McIlroy, which prompted Thomas to join the discussion.

Shipnuck’s book includes numerous anonymous sources, leading some to question the credibility of the information presented. Among the players mentioned in the book is Brooks Koepka, whose mother publicly disputed the accuracy of a specific anecdote in the book.

Despite the controversy, “LIV and Let Die” is set to be released on October 17th, offering readers a deep dive into the last two years of professional golf and the battles within the sport.

As with any book citing anonymous sources, it is important to approach the information with caution. Time will tell if the claims made in Shipnuck’s book are substantiated. Whether the book will have a lasting impact on the world of golf remains to be seen.

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