Justin Thomas ‘Confident’ This U.S. Ryder Cup Team Can End Drought In Europe

by Joanne Miller

The U.S. Ryder Cup Team is gearing up for a crucial battle as they travel to Europe in hopes of ending their 30-year drought in European Ryder Cups. This year’s team, consisting of 12 American players, will face the challenge of winning on foreign soil, something that hasn’t been accomplished since 1993.

To put the significance of this drought into perspective, only six out of the 12 players on the U.S. team were alive the last time the Americans won the Ryder Cup in Europe. Of those six, 36-year-old Brian Harman was the only one who wasn’t still in diapers at the time. This shows just how long it has been since the U.S. team tasted victory in Europe.

Despite being the favorites to win this year’s Ryder Cup, the U.S. team is well aware of the challenge they face. Numerous American squads in the past have been favored to win, only to be defeated by the Europeans on their home turf. Statistics on paper don’t always translate to success on the golf course.

Justin Thomas, one of the captain’s picks for this year’s team, strikes a cautious tone when discussing their chances. He expresses confidence in the team but refrains from making any bold statements about victory. Thomas acknowledges that past teams, statistically stronger on paper, still ended up losing. He emphasizes the need for adaptation and acknowledges the intense battle that lies ahead in a hostile environment with passionate fans.

While Thomas remains measured in his approach, his teammate Xander Schauffele takes a different stance. Schauffele dismisses the significance of the U.S. drought and shows no concern for past results. He believes that the team’s focus should be on performing as they normally would and not giving any special attention to the historical context.

The 2023 Ryder Cup in Italy promises to be a blockbuster event, with both teams eager to make their mark. The U.S. team will be looking to break their European drought, while the Europeans will be aiming to defend their home turf and extend their dominance in the Ryder Cup.

As the Ryder Cup approaches, the golf world is buzzing with anticipation. The battle between the U.S. and Europe is sure to provide thrilling matches, passionate fans, and intense competition. Golf fans can’t wait to see which team will emerge victorious and whether the U.S. team can overcome their historical challenge in Europe.

Mark Harris is a golf enthusiast and can be followed on Twitter @ItIsMarkHarris.

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