Justin Thomas says PGA Tour players are ‘sick’ of Alan Shipnuck after latest book excerpt

by Joanne Miller

Justin Thomas, professional golfer and two-time major champion, recently took a break in Italy following Team USA’s loss at the 2023 Ryder Cup near Rome. Thomas, who went 1-2-1 at the tournament, enjoyed some time off and also used social media to respond to an excerpt from Alan Shipnuck’s new book, “LIV and Let Die: The Inside Story of the War between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.”

In the book excerpt, Shipnuck provides provocative and NSFW comments about the battle for supremacy in professional golf over the past couple of years. While some may have found the content intriguing, Thomas voiced his displeasure with the publication. He spoke on behalf of many Tour players, criticizing Shipnuck for focusing on negative stories to make money rather than promoting the growth of the game.

Thomas tweeted, “I’d like to speak on behalf of a lot of Tour players and say we’re sick of @AlanShipnuck doing what he does. Bring positivity and good stories to help grow the game of golf, not try and make money bashing guys, earning zero trust, with a lot of incorrect information. Ridiculous.”

Thomas, who now holds a record of 7-4-2 in the Ryder Cup, also attended fellow golfer Patrick Cantlay’s wedding in Rome the day after the U.S. team’s loss. Despite the disappointing outcome at the Ryder Cup, Thomas used his break in Italy to relax and recharge.

It is essential to remember that these events and Thomas’s response should not overshadow the overall sportsmanship and camaraderie displayed at the Ryder Cup. The tournament is known for its intense rivalry between Team USA and Team Europe, but it also serves to bring the golfing community together.

In conclusion, Justin Thomas recently enjoyed a well-deserved vacation in Italy following the Ryder Cup. While relaxing, he took the time to respond to a book excerpt that focused on negativity within professional golf. As a prominent figure in the sport, Thomas called for more positivity and unity within the golfing community. Regardless of the outcome at the Ryder Cup, the tournament continues to showcase the skills and sportsmanship of its participants.

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