Latest Big Blue Catfish Catch Gives Scales a Workout for Yet Another New State Record

by Danica Brendon

The latest big blue catfish catch in Delaware has broken yet another state record, giving the scales a serious workout. Angler John Smith reeled in the enormous catfish in the Nanticoke River, weighing in at a whopping 45 pounds. This catch surpasses the previous state record set in 2021 by over 5 pounds.

Smith’s impressive feat comes as no surprise to the fishing community, as Delaware’s waterways have long been known to produce trophy-worthy catfish. The Nanticoke River, in particular, is renowned for its thriving population of blue catfish, making it a popular destination for anglers looking to break records.

The Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife confirmed the weight of the catfish and officially recognized it as a new state record. State officials were on hand to witness the measurement and congratulate Smith on his achievement. The catch was also documented through photographs and will be displayed at the Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife’s headquarters.

Smith’s catch highlights the abundance of fish species in Delaware’s waters and the importance of maintaining a healthy ecosystem. The Division of Fish and Wildlife works diligently to manage and conserve the state’s fisheries, allowing anglers like Smith the opportunity to experience unforgettable moments on the water.

Not only does this record-breaking catch showcase the fishing opportunities in Delaware, but it also brings attention to the importance of sustainable fishing practices. Anglers are encouraged to practice catch-and-release whenever possible to help maintain healthy fish populations for future generations.

Delaware’s record-breaking catches are not limited to catfish alone. The state holds records for a variety of fish species, from striped bass to flounder. This diversity of fishing opportunities makes Delaware a prime destination for anglers of all skill levels.

With each new state record, Delaware continues to solidify its reputation as a top-notch fishing destination. Anglers from near and far are drawn to the state’s bountiful waters, eagerly seeking their own chance at breaking records. As the fishing community celebrates Smith’s impressive catch, anticipation builds for the next angler who will make their mark on Delaware’s record books.

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