LIV’s Yasir Al-Rumayyan Playing Dunhill Links Under Fake Name

by Joanne Miller

Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the governor of the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund and chairman of various prestigious organizations, is making headlines for his participation in the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship on the DP World Tour. However, in an interesting move, Al-Rumayyan is playing under the pseudonym “Andrew Waterman.” This choice may seem peculiar, given Al-Rumayyan’s high profile and recognition in the business world.

The reason behind this decision remains unknown, as there have been no reports detailing the motivation behind Al-Rumayyan’s use of a fake name. It is possible that the DP World Tour organizers wanted to divert attention away from the wealthiest person on the golf course. However, some argue that this move has had the opposite effect, drawing more attention to Al-Rumayyan’s participation.

During the tournament held in Scotland, Al-Rumayyan will be playing in the same group as Martin Slumbers, the chief executive of R&A. This pairing adds further intrigue to Al-Rumayyan’s presence in the competition.

Johann Rupert, the man behind the Dunhill Links Championship, seems to view this as an opportunity to promote unity in the world of golf. Rupert believes that sport is meant to unite people rather than divide them, and he hopes that the tournament can bring about a sense of peace in the ever-changing golf landscape.

The decision to play under a pseudonym may raise questions and spark curiosity among spectators and golf enthusiasts. As Al-Rumayyan continues to attract attention in various industries, his participation under an alternative identity adds an element of mystery to his persona.

Regardless of the reason behind this choice, Al-Rumayyan’s presence in the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship is undoubtedly generating interest and intrigue. As the event unfolds, golf fans and observers will eagerly follow the performance of the influential figure known as Andrew Waterman.

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