Louis Oosthuizen blasts OWGR fallacy amid LIV Golf application

by Joanne Miller

The Impact of LIV Golf on Official World Golf Rankings

Major championships in golf have always been regarded as the stage where legends are made. These prestigious events draw the best players from around the world, and fans eagerly anticipate witnessing their favorite golfers battle it out for the ultimate glory. However, a recent development has disrupted this established order in the sport.

The emergence of LIV Golf, an upstart golf league, has led to a significant shift in the Official World Golf Rankings (OWGR). Players who have chosen to join LIV Golf have seen their rankings plummet due to the league’s unique approach to awarding points.

Louis Oosthuizen, the winner of the 2010 Open Championship, serves as a prime example of this decline. Once a prominent figure in the world of golf, Oosthuizen now finds himself ranked 390th in the OWGR. Frustrated by his fall in the rankings, Oosthuizen criticized the current system, claiming it favors the PGA Tour.

In an interview with bunkered.co.uk, Oosthuizen shared his thoughts on the matter, stating, “It’s not a world ranking system. You can say it’s more PGA Tour ranking than anything else. It’s frustrating for everyone because you used to measure yourself on that and where you are.” He further emphasized that this issue extends beyond LIV Golf players, affecting golfers from different tours worldwide.

The absence of points awarded in LIV Golf events has caused players who joined the league to be excluded from the OWGR. Oosthuizen raises a valid point, arguing that LIV Golf features several talented individuals who deserve to be ranked higher. He urges for a reevaluation of the current system.

Interestingly, Oosthuizen’s concerns seem to be heard by the governing bodies. OWGR chairman Peter Dawson has recently announced that they are actively considering LIV Golf’s application for points. This implies that the issue is being addressed and a potential solution is on the horizon.

In the meantime, Oosthuizen continues to participate in traditional golf tournaments. Despite being a LIV Golf member, he received a sponsor’s invitation to play in the DP World Tour’s Dunhill Links Championship at the historic St. Andrews course. Currently tied for 40th place at 4-under, Oosthuizen’s performance demonstrates his determination to succeed amidst the ongoing controversy.

The impact of LIV Golf on the Official World Golf Rankings is undeniable. As players from the league face exclusion from the rankings, questions arise about the fairness and inclusivity of the current system. However, with the issue gaining attention and potential changes on the horizon, the future of LIV Golf and its impact on the rankings remain uncertain.

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