Michael Jordan’s ultra-private, ultra-exclusive personal golf course: The Grove XXIII

by Joanne Miller

Michael Jordan, the iconic basketball player, has a special place in his heart for golf. His love for the sport led him to create his own golf paradise, The Grove XXIII, located in Hobe Sound, Florida. Designed by Bobby Weed and Nichols Architects, this ultra-exclusive private club is a haven for both Jordan and other elite golfers.

Bobby Weed, a protégé of legendary course designer Pete Dye, was tasked with building the best golf course and driving range for Jordan. With his expertise in golf course design, Weed was up to the challenge. He secured a piece of land previously used for citrus groves and brought it to life with the help of his team.

The construction process was a collaborative effort, with Jordan actively involved in the development of the course. He would visit the site regularly to witness the progress and provide feedback. Weed was impressed by Jordan’s attentiveness and ability to listen, allowing him to do his job effectively.

To create a world-class golf course, Weed and his team needed to transform the flat and featureless site. They excavated the land, creating six large lakes in the process. The layout of the course was designed to meet Jordan’s preferences for firm and fast play, offering excitement and challenge to its members, many of whom are current PGA Tour stars.

In addition to the golf course, Weed’s team also designed an exceptional practice facility. This state-of-the-art facility has no equal, featuring double-sided driving lanes, target greens, and advanced technology to track shot information. The practice facility is a haven for tour players looking to improve their game.

The clubhouse, designed by Nichols Architects, is a masterpiece in itself. To win Jordan’s approval, the architects pitched a concept inspired by the smooth perfection of a golf swing. The unique shape of the clubhouse immediately caught Jordan’s attention, and he awarded them the contract.

The Grove XXIII has become a sanctuary for Michael Jordan and his fellow golf enthusiasts. With its exceptional golf course, state-of-the-art practice facility, and architecturally iconic clubhouse, it serves as the ultimate golf paradise. Jordan’s love for golf is evident in his dedication to creating a place where he and others can indulge in their passion for the sport.

As Michael Jordan continues to cherish his personal haven of sporting bliss, The Grove XXIII remains a testament to his enduring love for golf and his commitment to excellence in everything he does.

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