Nashville resident in tears, covers golf renovation costs

by Joanne Miller

Jim Nantz Pledges Final $100,000 to Complete Percy Warner Golf Course Renovations

It was recently reported that there was a shortfall in funds needed to complete the renovations of the Percy Warner Golf Course in Nashville. However, renowned CBS broadcaster Jim Nantz stepped in to fill the gap with his generous pledge of $100,000.

During a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the golf course, Nantz, who is a Nashville resident and golf enthusiast, emotionally expressed his love for the game and how special the renovation project was to him. He announced that he would provide the remaining funds required to finish the work, ensuring that the historic golf course gets the upgrades it needs.

Nantz has been involved with the project since moving to Nashville two years ago and had already made a donation before making this significant additional pledge. The renovations have been primarily funded by private donors, who were present at the reception held at the par-3 course.

In his speech, Nantz expressed his gratitude towards everyone who had invested in the project and made it possible to come so close to completion. He urged the audience not to applaud him but to recognize their own contributions. The decision to make this donation was driven by the personal significance of the week for Nantz—he and his sister commemorated the anniversary of their mother’s passing, prompting him to honor his family’s support by contributing to the renovation efforts.

Nantz had already been acknowledged for his previous contribution, with his name appearing on the plaque alongside other donors. He requested that his $100,000 donation be added in his family’s name, further solidifying their commitment to the project.

Former Nashville Mayor John Cooper, who had been supportive of the Percy Warner renovation, also announced that the city would finance a $2 million upgrade at Shelby Golf Course, with work scheduled to begin in March. Nantz took the opportunity to address the newly appointed Nashville Mayor Freddie O’Connell, requesting continued support for local golf and the initiatives set in motion by Cooper. He emphasized the importance of using golf as a means to develop strong communities that embody the values of giving back and helping others.

Nantz’s involvement in golf projects extends beyond Percy Warner. He pledged to be involved in the future renovation of the Ted Rhodes Golf Course as well. His passion for the game and its potential to bring positive change were evident when he spoke about the impact that golf has had on his own life and how he wants to ensure others have the opportunity to benefit from it.

The renovations at Percy Warner include various improvements such as a new irrigation system, work on tee boxes, combining summer and winter greens, clearing out forestry, and developing a short-game practice area. The course is expected to officially reopen in June, with Nantz himself hitting the first tee shot at the No. 1 hole.

Whit Turnbow, the president of the Tennessee Golf Foundation, expressed his admiration for Nantz’s contribution, describing him as an icon of the game. He acknowledged Nantz’s understanding of why golf is good and commended his generous donation, which was completely unexpected.

Jim Nantz’s pledge to complete the renovations at Percy Warner Golf Course demonstrates his commitment to the game and to the community in Nashville. His contribution will ensure that future generations can enjoy a revitalized golf course that honors the game’s history while embracing modern improvements.

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