Nick Faldo 'bullish' on Europe winning the 2023 Ryder Cup | Golf Today | Golf Channel – Golf Channel

by Joanne Miller

Nick Faldo, the legendary British golfer and six-time major champion, is expressing confidence in Europe’s chances of winning the 2023 Ryder Cup. Faldo, who competed in six Ryder Cups as a player and captained the European team in 2008, believes that the team’s “new blood” will be a key factor in their success.

In an interview with Golf Channel, Faldo expressed his bullishness about the European team’s prospects. He praised the infusion of young talent into the squad, noting that the emergence of promising players like Viktor Hovland and Matthew Fitzpatrick adds a new dimension to the team. Faldo believes that this injection of youth and energy will complement the experience of veteran players and create a winning formula.

Faldo’s optimism stems from his belief in the importance of team chemistry and camaraderie. He emphasized the need for the players to bond and create a cohesive unit, which he believes is crucial for success in the Ryder Cup. Faldo, who played on successful European teams during his Ryder Cup career, understands the significance of team dynamics and believes that the 2023 squad has the right mix of talent and chemistry.

Additionally, Faldo touched on the return of LIV Golf, a breakaway tour backed by Saudi Arabian money, and its potential impact on European players’ involvement in the Ryder Cup. Faldo dismissed the idea that European players joining LIV Golf would hurt the team’s chances, saying, “You’ve got to be kidding!” He believes that the lure of representing Europe in the prestigious biennial event will always be strong for European players and that the Ryder Cup will remain a top priority for them.

Faldo’s confidence in Europe’s chances aligns with his own successful history in the Ryder Cup. He was a part of the European team that won the event six times during his playing career and captained the team to victory in 2008. His experience and understanding of the unique nature of the Ryder Cup make his opinion on the matter highly regarded.

As golf fans eagerly await the 2023 Ryder Cup, Nick Faldo’s bullishness adds to the excitement surrounding the event. With his belief in the team’s new blood and his understanding of the importance of team dynamics, Faldo’s confidence should be reassuring to European fans. Now, it’s up to the players to live up to the high expectations set by Faldo and deliver a memorable performance in 2023.

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