Nine things to know: Marco Simone Golf & Country Club

by Joanne Miller

EGD, a renowned golf course design firm, recently took on the task of repurposing a site for the Ryder Cup, a prestigious golf tournament that sees teams from Europe and the United States compete for glory. However, their task was not just limited to creating an exceptional course; they also had to focus on developing the necessary infrastructure to accommodate the massive crowds that the event attracts.

Creating the infrastructure for the Ryder Cup is comparable to building a colossal football stadium capable of accommodating up to 250,000 spectators over the course of a week. On any given day, as many as 45,000 people, including media personnel, team officials, security staff, and vendors, will gather at the venue. To ensure smooth transportation for these thousands of spectators, buses will be deployed to ferry them to a bridge overpass leading to the main entrance. A massive merchandise tent will also be set up to meet the demands of enthusiastic fans.

Considering the compact nature of the site and its hilly terrain, EGD strategically positioned the largest set of grandstands overlooking the first tee. Similar setups were implemented at Le Golf National in 2018 and Whistling Straits in 2021. The intention behind this arrangement is to provide spectators with an extraordinary vantage point to witness the thrilling action unfold right from the start. However, due to the nature of the matches, where half of them never reach the 17th hole in the last three Ryder Cups, the seating capacity near the closing holes will be more limited.

EGD’s attention to detail and expertise in creating a world-class course goes hand in hand with their ability to orchestrate the necessary infrastructure for such a grand event. The Ryder Cup is not just about the sport of golf; it is also a celebration of global sportsmanship and camaraderie. Ensuring that spectators have an unforgettable experience is a crucial element of the tournament’s success.

By repurposing the site to accommodate the diverse needs of the Ryder Cup, EGD has proven its exceptional capabilities beyond designing a stunning golf course. Their expertise in managing the logistics of such a high-profile event is evident in their careful planning and execution.

As the Ryder Cup approaches, golf enthusiasts and casual fans alike eagerly anticipate the world-class competition set against the backdrop of EGD’s visionary design and meticulously developed infrastructure. The event promises to be a thrilling showcase of golfing talent, made more extraordinary by the seamless experience for the thousands of spectators who will be present throughout the week.

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