North Newton’s new police chief a familiar face

by Joanne Miller

North Newton, a small town in Kansas, has announced the appointment of a new police chief. Jim Bethards, who has been serving as the deputy chief of the North Newton Police Department for the past nine years, will step into his new role next month. He will be taking over from Chief Randy Jordan, who is retiring after 10 years as the chief of police.

Chief Bethards brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the position, having served in various capacities within the North Newton Police Department. During his time as deputy chief, he has played a significant role in developing strong partnerships with the community and maintaining a safe environment for all residents.

In a recent statement provided when asked about his goals as the new police chief, Bethards expressed his commitment to leading the department and further strengthening the existing partnerships with the community. He aims to work collaboratively to ensure that North Newton remains a safe place for everyone.

The appointment of Chief Bethards comes at a time when law enforcement agencies across Kansas are prioritizing road safety. The Kansas law enforcement agencies are currently conducting seat belt checks as part of an initiative to promote safe driving habits and reduce accidents. As the new police chief, Bethards will have the opportunity to contribute to these efforts and continue the department’s commitment to ensuring public safety.

Chief Bethards will officially begin his role as the new police chief on October 1. His appointment has been met with positive anticipation from both the North Newton community and the wider law enforcement community. With his experience, dedication, and strong leadership skills, Chief Bethards is expected to make a significant impact in maintaining the safety and well-being of the residents of North Newton.

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