Paige Spiranac doesn’t care if people are rubbed the wrong way by her wardrobe choices

by Joanne Miller

Paige Spiranac: Changing the Game of Golf Fashion

Paige Spiranac, the well-known influencer and golfer, is no stranger to making headlines due to her fashion choices on the golf course. Spiranac is never afraid to show some skin and prefers to dress comfortably. Whether it’s playing in a skirt and tank top or wearing spandex and leotards, she encourages all women to wear what makes them feel comfortable and confident. This attitude has caused waves in changing the way women are looked at, particularly in the world of golf.

While Spiranac’s wardrobe selections have gained her a significant following on Instagram, they have also faced criticism from some who believe she bares too much. However, Spiranac, who was a gymnast before a golfer, remains unfazed by such comments. She explains that her comfort with revealing clothes stems from her background as a gymnast and the financial constraints she faced when transitioning to golf. Spiranac told Sports Illustrated, “That’s just how I learned to play the game, and I consider myself an athlete – I consider people who play golf athletes. Why don’t we dress like athletes?”

Spiranac’s approach to golf fashion is relaxed and unapologetic. While others debate about wearing shorts or pants or what type of collar to wear, she focuses on what makes her feel good and perform at her best. She also acknowledges that not everyone has the means to buy a whole new wardrobe for the golf course. “I’m out here just in tank tops and spandex, and people are like, ‘What are you doing,’ but I love it. I think we’re starting to see that change, and fashion is such a big part of growing the game, and it’s moving in the right direction,” she explains.

Spiranac believes that comfort is key when it comes to sports attire. Finding something in your closet that allows you to feel comfortable and confident on the golf course is more than acceptable, regardless of societal expectations. She mentions that more people are now starting to agree with her perspective. Spiranac says, “I go to the range now, and I see women out there with leggings and tank tops. So you’re welcome to all the guys out there. And we’re all comfortable now, which I think is good.”

Paige Spiranac’s fashion choices have sparked a conversation about breaking the norms of traditional golf attire. She has been influential in challenging the perception of what is considered appropriate clothing for female golfers. Her fearless approach to fashion has brought about positive change in the golfing world, encouraging women to embrace their personal style and feel confident on the course. As golf continues to evolve, so does its fashion, and thanks to trailblazers like Spiranac, women can now express themselves authentically on the green.

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