Paige Spiranac Hits The Golf Course In A Thong For Her Latest Swimsuit Calendar Promo – OutKick

by Joanne Miller

Title: Paige Spiranac Takes Calendar Promotions to Another Level with 31 Days of Sexy Halloween Costumes


Social media influencers are known for their ability to create and promote engaging content. However, managing multiple initiatives simultaneously can be overwhelming for most. But not for Paige Spiranac, the top golf influencer in the game. From promoting a calendar to maintaining a 31-day series of sexy Halloween costumes exclusively for paid subscribers, Paige proves that she’s a master at multitasking and keeping her followers engaged.

Keeping Content Front and Center

Paige has strategically positioned herself as a pageviews machine who never lets up on content, regardless of the season. Influencers have the opportunity to turn a solid year into a great year, especially between summer and the holidays. Sweater weather may have arrived, but it’s no excuse to freeze social media activity, especially when there are subscriptions and calendars to sell.

The Halloween Fun behind a Paywall

Paige understands the importance of keeping her followers excited and entertained. She recently donned a Cowboys cheerleader costume, reminding her fans of the Halloween fun she’s having behind a paywall. By sharing glimpses of her costume and experiences, Paige keeps her paid subscribers engaged and eager for more exclusive content.

The Release of the 2024 Calendar

On Monday, Paige officially unveiled her highly anticipated 2024 calendar. The announcement was nothing short of impressive, drawing attention from her followers and fans alike. If her Cowboys cheerleader costume was a teaser, the calendar announcement was a powerful and unforgettable surprise. By timing her calendar release strategically, Paige maximizes the exposure and potential sales.

Promoting Golf and Bikinis

Thursday brought even more calendar promotions from Paige. In a promotional image, she can be seen holding a golf club while dressed in what appears to be a thong. This cleverly combines two of her favorite things: golf and bikinis. By strategically showcasing her interests and providing a link to purchase the calendar, Paige demonstrates how to effectively promote her merchandise.

The Enduring Appeal of Calendars

In a world dominated by digital calendars and reminders, it’s surprising to see the enduring appeal of physical calendars. However, Paige’s success in selling calendars proves that there is still a demand for them, especially when they feature striking images and are created by admired influencers. In addition to serving as a functional tool, calendars offer a visual escape and a way to connect with influencers on a more personal level.


Paige Spiranac continues to impress as she effortlessly manages multiple initiatives simultaneously. From her 31 days of sexy Halloween costumes for paid subscribers to the release of her highly sought-after calendar, she proves that hard work and dedication pay off. Keeping content fresh and engaging is crucial for influencers to maintain their following, and Paige exemplifies this skill with her innovative promotional strategies. With her ongoing commitment to calendars, Paige breathes new life into this timeless tradition and shows the world the enduring power of influencer marketing.

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