Pat Perez’s wife wants to see Rory McIlroy ‘punched’ amid edgy post

by Joanne Miller

The drama surrounding Rory McIlroy and the Ryder Cup parking lot incident shows no signs of dissipating. After a video of the altercation between McIlroy and his caddie, Joe LaCava, was shared on Instagram, Pat Perez’s wife, Ashley, weighed in with her controversial reaction.

In a now-deleted Instagram comment, Ashley Perez expressed her desire to see McIlroy get punched in the face. She clarified that she meant it in the “nicest way possible… kinda.” This comment came in response to the confrontation between McIlroy and LaCava, which reportedly required Shane Lowry’s intervention to prevent any further escalation.

This isn’t the first time Ashley Perez has made outlandish statements on social media. She previously commented on Tiger Woods’ car crash in 2021, stating that she didn’t feel bad for him and emphasizing the importance of not driving under the influence. Her comments received backlash, prompting her to quickly delete them.

Pat Perez, Ashley’s husband, is also known for his outspoken nature, particularly since joining the rival golf league LIV Golf in 2022. Rumored to have signed a $10 million deal with the league, Perez has been vocal about his opinions on the golf industry and its players.

Given Ashley Perez’s public disdain for McIlroy, it raises questions about whether Pat Perez is the anonymous player mentioned in Alan Shipnuck’s recent excerpt. Shipnuck’s piece highlighted an unnamed player’s frustration with golf’s top stars, including McIlroy.

The ongoing controversy surrounding the McIlroy parking lot incident has captured the attention of both golf fans and the wider public. While tensions and conflicts are not uncommon in sports, the involvement of players’ spouses adds a new layer of intrigue to the narrative.

As the fallout from the Ryder Cup incident continues, it remains to be seen how McIlroy, LaCava, and the other parties involved will address the situation. Golf fans and observers will undoubtedly be keeping a close eye on any developments, eager to see how this story unfolds.

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The drama surrounding McIlroy and the Ryder Cup serves as a reminder that golf, like any other sport, is not immune to controversy and heated exchanges. As fans continue to speculate and discuss the incident, it highlights the passionate nature of the sport and the impact it can have on both the players and those involved in their lives.

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