PGA of America sees rebrand as golden opportunity to impact new wave of golfers, fans

by Joanne Miller

Thirteen months after relocating its headquarters to a new campus in Frisco, Texas, the PGA of America is embarking on a public awareness campaign to showcase its brand and its importance in the golf industry. The campaign, which includes a new logo and the slogan “We Love this Game,” coincides with the 44th biennial Ryder Cup. The event is expected to reach 600 million people globally through television and social media.

The PGA of America, established in 1916, is a professional organization consisting of 29,000 golf professionals who serve various roles in the industry, including golf instruction and course management. It is often confused with the PGA Tour, a separate organization responsible for organizing professional golf tours in North America.

The new logo aims to distinguish the PGA of America from the PGA Tour and modernize the brand. The previous logo, designed in 2007, did not effectively capture the organization’s essence and was not legible to consumers. The new logo features a simplified design that emphasizes the “of America” component, highlighting the organization’s unique role in the golf industry.

The “We Love this Game” ad campaign was created in partnership with media company Omaha Productions, founded by former NFL quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning, an avid golfer, credits his early lessons with a PGA of America Golf Professional for sparking his lifelong love of golf. The ads aim to showcase the love and passion that golfers have for the game, while emphasizing the important role that PGA of America professionals play in nurturing that love.

The campaign will debut during the coverage of the Ryder Cup, which is considered golf’s Super Bowl. The event provides an excellent platform to reach a global audience of golf fans and sports enthusiasts, allowing the PGA of America to communicate its message effectively.

The PGA of America’s rebranding efforts come at a time when golf participation has been steadily rising, with over 41 million Americans playing the sport. The organization, responsible for conducting major championships and other events, sees this as an opportunity to inform and engage a new wave of golfers and fans.

The PGA of America’s move to Frisco, Texas, has proved to be a successful one, with Chief Commercial Officer Jeff Price expressing his satisfaction with the reception in the state. Frisco, known as a home for modern golf, represents an opportunity for the organization to showcase the relevance of PGA of America professionals in the game today.

Overall, the PGA of America’s public awareness campaign is an important step in distinguishing the organization and highlighting its role in the golf industry. By modernizing its brand and utilizing high-profile events like the Ryder Cup, the PGA of America aims to educate and engage golfers and sports fans alike.

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